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Old fashioned hampers, cubes and jars filled with sweets from your Childhood

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On this page you will find a wonderful selection of retro sweet hampers and gifts that are bursting with a wide variety of sweets from the 70s, 80s and other eras.

Please note that you will find only the best quality gift hampers which link to the top confectionary suppliers on the Amazon website. Items that have received poor reviews have not been listed.

Because all of the top confectionary suppliers are competing on the Amazon site, you're guaranteed some of the lowest prices, too.

* To buy individual types of sweets visit the 80s Sweets page.

Top Customer-Rated Products
All these retro sweet gifts are under £10
Original Retro Sweets Gift Box

A great value gift box featuring a wonderful selection of old school sweets you ate in your childhood.such as Sherbet Dip Dab, popping candy etc.
Haribo Star Sweet Cube

This gift cube by Dandy Candy includes a mix of retro Haribo sweets, including jelly teddy bears, fried eggs and many more. An ideal gift for children.
80s Sweets Gift Cube

An ideal gift for anyone who was a child of the 80s, or maybe as a treat for yourself! Includes 25 different types of sweets in a gift cube wrapped with a ribbon.
Flying Saucers Gift Cube

By Dandy Candy. A nicely presented gift box of retro, sherbert-filled flying saucers - cosmic!
80s Retros Sweets Gift Box

Available for less than a fiver, (including delivery) and this one fits through your letterbox, so no waiting in for it to arrive - great idea!
Bubble Gum Gift Cube

A colourful selection of bubble gum sweets from one of the UK's most trusted confectionary suppliers Dandy Candy.
Candy Shrimps Gift Jar

A medium (350g) sized gift jar full of those pink shrimps you used to buy loose from your local sweet shop.
Sugar Mice

We all remember these don't we? They used to be just pink and white back in the 70s, but now you can buy them in five colours!
Fruit Polos - 10 pack

Remember these? Yes, you can still buy them! A real blast from the past.
Retro Sweets Cube

A nicely-priced gift cube which features a lovely variety of old-fashioned sweets including mini parma violets, rainbow drops, space dust, chocolate coins and many more!
Love Heart Rolls

A gift cube packed with the legendary love hearts, with a free heart lollipop included.
Gift Cube For Boys

This selection from Dandy Candy has been specially selected for boys, and I'm pleased to see some chocolate footballs in there!
Willy Wonka Bar

Any fan of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will love this replica chocolate bar with a golden ticket - lovely gift idea!
Love Hearts Tin

A heart-shaped tin of mini love hearts. A delightful gift that would be especially ideal for Valentine's day.
Chewy Sweets

This cube of goodies features a wide-range of chewy retro sweets, including the classic fruit salads.
Ferrero Rocher Gift Box

A 200g box which includes 16 pieces of the luxury, gold-wrapped chocolates that are always well-received.
Retro Sweets Pouch

This pack is filled with an assortment of old British favourites including Fruit Salads, Refreshers, Drumsticks, Candy Bracelets and more. Great for sharing out or to give as a gift.
Retro Storage Tin

Officially licensed and features pictures of retro Cadbury's chocolate bars. Ideal for storing all your chocolate and a great gift idea, too!
All these gifts are between £10 and £20
Love Your Liquorice Hamper Box

If you know someone who likes liquorice, then they simply can't fail to love this big box of goodies.
Big Retro Sweet Shop Chewb

All of your favourite childhood sweets in a big tube. Highly-rated at Amazon and includes a wide variety of old-fashioned sweets.
Fizzy Blue Cola Bottles

I used to adore these back in the day, and this 1.5kg jar is enough to keep anyone going for quite a while!
Wonder Woman Retro Sweets Tin

Features 33 types of retro sweets in  a Wonder Woman themed tin.
Retro Sweets Hamper Box

This mid-sized box is packed with sweets from your childhood, including my favourites - flying saucers!
Pear Drops Sweet Jar

A big 3kg jar of small-sized pear drops by Tuck Shop Quality Confectionary.
Sugared Almonds Jar

Who can resist biting into the sweet shell of a sugared almond? This 1.8kg jar makes for the perfect gift.
Superman Retro Sweets Tin

33 different types of sweets in a Superman themed tin.
Marshmallows Sweet Jar

A mix of gorgeously squidgy marshmallows in an 800g sweet shop jar
Toffee with Hammer

Oh wow! I remember this stuff from the 70s, and this gift pack includes 400g of Walkers, gorgeous black treacle toffee slabs - a real treat! 
Barratt's Black Jacks

I used to buy these for a penny each as a kid. How times change, but it's nice to see that they're still a popular choice - even today!
You're A Star Retro Sweet Selection

These nostalgic sweets are presented in a delightful stars and stripes Emma Bridgewater old style case.
Flying Saucers Sweet Shop Jar

A whole 430g jar full of colourful, fruit sherbert-filled saucers - what more could you want?

Sour and Fizzy Sweets

This gift cube by Dandy Candy is perfect for any fan of sweets than make the tongue tingle!

Everton Mints Gift Jar

A 1.5kg jar packed with the original British, stripy mint.
Union Jack Gift Crate

Traditional British sweets presented in a wooden crate with union jack style lid. A great gift idea!
Ideal Birthday Gifts

Large Size and Luxury Hampers

Mrs Hawkins Luxury Chocolate Hamper

This has received the highest customer ratings at Amazon UK, and is crammed full of retro goodies, presented in a red gift box with white ribbon. Click the pic to see full details.
Captain Smollet's Traditional Box

This stunning gift box is bursting full with traditional sweets, including retro favourites such as white mice, coconut mushrooms, toffee bonbons and many more. Highly rated by customers.
Dandy Candy's Ultimate Retro Sweets Hamper

An amazing gift box packed full of retro sweets that you won't have seen in a while. Includes walnut whips, hubba bubbas, fruit salads, sherbert dip dabs and dozens more. The ultimate treat!
Retro Sweet Love Fest

Perfect for Valentine's day or an anniversary, this gift box is crammed full with lovehearts, cherry lips and other loveable retro treats, and will really show how much you love her.

Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Candy Necklace - Pack of 10

Remember these? These are ideal for Girl's Birthday parties

Girls Sweets Party Bag
Boys Sweets Party Bag

Boys and Girls Sweets Party Bags

Imagine the delight on their little faces when you hand these out!

Cadbury Kids Chocolate Bars Gift Box
Cadbury Bonanza Chocolates gift box