Robocop - ZX Spectrum (1988)

Released by Ocean Software in 1988, the ZX Spectrum version of Robocop became one of the biggest-selling Spectrum games, topping the charts for over one and a half years! It received rave reviews, including a Crash! Smash award and 94% in Sinclair User magazine. Some magazine reviews even claimed it was better than the arcade version, although that may have been taking it a bit far!

Screenshot of Robocop arcade version
This screenshot is from the arcade version
Robocop game flyer
Flyer for the video game

Robocop - ZX Spectrum Title Music 

Here is the title music from the Speccy version - if you can bear to listen to it again! 

Robocop - Commodore 64 (C64)

This video features the loading screen with title music for the C64. Much better than the Spectrum version, of course, due to the brilliant SID soundchip.