70s and 80s Style LED/Sci-Fi Watches

If you're looking for a very cool gift idea for someone, then take a look at some of these stunning LED watch designs. Many of them look like they've been teleported from the set of a 70s or 80s sci-fi movie, and I'm pretty sure their are plenty of sci-fi geeks out there who will be very happy to receive one of these!


Red LED sci-fi watch
Sci-Fi Digital Watch

This is a stunningly, cool design which features the LED display in the watch strap. It comes in a gift tin with batteries, and would make for an ideal gift. Red LED was used in the first commerciially-available digital watches, and this watch looks like it's been teleported straight from the set of a 70s sci-fi movie!

I would advise you to beware of cheaper imitations of this watch which come without batteries or a gift tin and develop faults, I have linked to the original product below.

White Star Wars Style LED Watch
White Star Wars Style LED Mens Watch

This truly looks like it's based on the troops costume design in Star Wars. It's kind of sci-fi and sporty at the same time, and I'm pretty sure that there are many males out there who would be very happy to receive one of these!
70s Style LED Watch - red display
70s Style LED Watch - TX08 Multi-Function

Now, this really does look very much like the watch that my barber used to wear back in the 70s. This latest design is very authentic-looking and made from premium grade chrome-plated metal. It also has the benefit of modern technology with multi-functions and a longer battery life than previous models.

Far from being a cheap gadget, this is a high quality, sturdy watch that features a genuine LED module.

Futuristic Green LED Star Trek Sci-Fi Watch
Futuristic Green LED Space Age Sci-Fi Watch

Wow! A stunning, futuristic style watch which looks like something out of Star Trek. This is the perfect gift for Sci-fi fans, and it does tell the time but in a whole new way, Features 28 LED lights with time and date functions. This watch is made from weatherproof zinc alloy.
Blue Lights Display LED Watch
Futuristic Blue LED Display Watch

A whole new way to tell the time! This futuristic watch features a bright LED arc light display featured which looks particularly brilliant in the dark. This is a real eyecatcher that will be a great talking point at social events, parties etc. 
Shark - White Watch with red LED display
Shark - White Silicone Strap Watch with Red LED Display

The red LED digital display works brilliantly against the white colour of this watch to give a very futuristic style. Features Japanese quartz digital movement with backlight.