So, who remembers dancing to S'Express back in the late 80s? I certainly do, and the late 80s was a time when dance music had real energy and imagination.

The Acid House/Dance act had five Top 40 singles and two albums in the UK between 1988 and 1990. The singles were; Theme From S-Express (#1), Superfly Guy (#5), Hey Music Lover (#6), Mantra For A State Of Mind (#21) and Nothing To Lose (#32).

In 1992, an up-tempo remix of Theme From S-Express called "The Return Trip" peaked at #14 in the UK singles chart. The original 1988 single knocked Heart by Pet Shop Boys off the top spot.

Despite getting off to a very promising start, the commercial success of the group's songs gradually declined. The second album, Intercourse, failed to achieve the success of the debut album
, Original Soundtrack, which had reached #5 in the UK album charts.

Most of S'Express's songs were predominantly written by frontman Mark Moore and included lots of samples from other songs. Theme From S-Express was based on a track by Rose Royce entitled Is It Love You're After, and featured samples of Situation by Yazoo and Debbie Harry's Feel The Spin.

Theme from S-Express single vinyl
S'Express - Original Soundtrack - Extra Tracks
If you enjoyed clubbing in the late 80's, then you can rediscover the sound of S'Express on the re-issue of their debut album Original Soundtrack, which now features extra tracks. Just don't "drop that ghettoblaster!"