Sinclair C5 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum Video Games

This page features a great selection of videos featuring the best ZX Spectrum video games and game music, TV Ads and the ill-fated Sinclair C5. Enjoy!

Sinclair C5
The ill-conceived C5 was a bit of a disaster for its inventor Sir Clive Sinclair. Launched on January 10th 1985, the battery-powered Sinclair C5 could be driven without a driving licence, as it's top-speed was under 15 mph. Despite being sold for just £399, due to much ridicule by the press only 12,000 vehicles were ever sold.


Clive Sinclair riding a C5

A Rocket-Powered Sinclair C5

This amusing clip features a complete lunatic taking a trip back into the 80s in his jet-powered C5!

Now here are some more excellent Sinclair videos to have a gander at. The first one is a great mickey-take of the Sinclair C5 and well worth watching just for a laugh! You can see why this "vehicle of the future" never made it past the 80s! The second video is an 80s ZX Spectrum advert.

Fortunately, this was a much more successful venture for Sir Clive. The final video features dozens of ZX Spectrum games - enjoy!

Sinclair ZX Spectrum


ZX Spectrum 80s Advert

This is the UK TV Advert for the Speccy - anyone remember it? Not sure whether I can, but it makes for interesting viewing if you're a bit of a computer geek like me! Apparently, this is from 1982.


ZX Spectrum Games - Video Clips with Music

A selection of the best ZX Spectrum video games (that's the video creator's opinion, not mine as I never owned a Spectrum but kind of feel that I should've done!) with computer chip music.

100 ZX Spectrum Games in 10 Minutes

Well, the video title says it all really. Here we have clips of 100 video games in, erm, ten minutes! There is sure to be something here you will remember, unless you never owned a Spectrum, of course!