Slade - Merry Christmas Everybody - Top Of The Pops (1983)

"It's Chriiiistmaaaaas!!" When you hear Slade's lead singer, Noddy Holder, shouting those two festive words you know that you're in a supermarket in October!

This is one of the most memorable Christmas tunes from the 70s, but also re-entered the singles chart every year during the early 80s, in 1998 and every year since 2006.

The video clip is from the Chriistmas 1983 Top Of The Pops, which was hosted by DJ's David Jensen (dig the jumper!) and John Peel.

During the Glam Rock years, Slade achieved success with 17 consecutive Top 20 hits in the UK and six No.1's. Merry Xmas Everybody was Slade's 10th consecutive hit single and the band's biggest selling. It reached #1 in December 1973 and was still in the charts well into February '74.

Wizzard also has a #4 hit in Dec 1973 with their festive tune I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.  What a great year for Christmas songs!


Merry Xmas Everybody - Vinyl Single 


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