Subaru XT

The video clip features an old, American TV advert for the XT from the 80s.

The Subaru XT is a sporty, wedge-shaped, 2-door coupe that was produced between 1985 and 1991. In Japan it was named the Alcyone and in Australia and New Zealand was known as the Vortex. In Europe and North America it was badged as an XT.

The SVX replaced the XT in 1992, although it doesn't look half as exciting and I much prefer the wedge shape.

A red XT featured in the 80s movie Big which starred Tom Hanks. The character Susan (played by Elizabeth Perkins) can be seen driving the small boy version of Joshua Baskin back home in the XT.

Subaru XT Turbo
Copyright free, Public Domain photo of a Subaru XT Turbo
This slideshow features a 1986 XT coupe on display at the Philadelphia Auto Show in 2012, plus a selection of other vehicles.
Subaru XT6

Creative Commons photo of an XT6 by Mr. Choppers. The turbo version of the XT wasn't particularly powerful at 111hp. In 1987, Subaru launched the XT6 which had a more impressive 145hp. It used two electric fans to increase performance, whereas in the XT one of the fans was belt-driven.

Subaru XT6
Creative Commons photo of an XT6 by Mr. Choppers.



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