Table Top Football/Soccer Game

This well-produced and entertaining video brought back a lot of memories for me, and features many of the accessories that were available to buy for Subbuteo, plus a look at how to play the game, too.

We all remember Subbuteo don't we? This was a table-top soccer game (I played it on the floor!) featuring players that looked like they had been set in concrete, and in which you controlled the ball by flicking the base of a player with your finger.

Subbuteo was first made available in March 1947, although no pitch was supplied and the players were made from cardboard!
Fortunately, by the time I was playing it in the 70s and 80s, the game (produced by Hasbro) had improved immensely, with all the basics (such as a pitch, goals and corner flags) all included. There were many luxurious accessories also available (at extra cost to your parents!) such as floodlights, stands and even the Queen! From the late 1980's the game also featured National team colours.

Although it is remembered by many as being a footie game, Subbuteo was also available as a cricket, rugby and a hockey game.

If you've always wondered why the game is called Subbuteo then I'll put you out of your misery. It's actually part of the new Latin name for a bird of prey Falco Subbuteo. The game's inventor, Peter Adolph, wanted to call the game "hobby", but couldn't obtain a trademark.
old subbuteo
Photo Credit: Christaface
This photo shows a basic Subbuteo starter set, which is pretty similiar to what I started out with as a child in the 1970s.
70s Subbuteo Players
Old school Subbuteo players
Subbuteo player close-up
A pretentiously artistic close-up of an Argentinian player
Old Table Football Game
The alternative to Subbuteo was playing table football down at the local pub.