The Fall Guy - Opening Sequence from 1981

The Fall Guy

Broadcast in the U.S. between November 1981 and May 1986, The Fall Guy ran for five seasons with 113 episodes. The main character was Hollywood stunt man Colt Seavers, who worked part-time as a private investigator and drove around in a GMC 4x4 pickup - you may remember that this had a secret compartment which was used for hiding villains or stashing weapons. Many GMC trucks were used during the series as they were badly damaged during the filiming of the stunt sequences.

The lead role was played by Lee Majors, whose previous major role was as The Six Million Dollar Man (The Bionic Man) during the 70s - my parents bought me the toy doll which featured a magnified bionic eye which you could look through to make everything appear closer.

By the way, in case you're wondering, the shows theme tune was sung by Lee Majors himself.


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