The Style Council on BBC Saturday Superstore (1986)

This video clip features kids TV presenter Keith Chegwin (and DJ Janice Long's brother) interviewing Paul Weller and Mick Talbot from the 80s band The Style Council. This episode was broadcast live on 5th April 1986. The band were promoting their single Have You Ever Had it Blue and Paul Weller also took part in the video vote later on in the show and slated every artist!

Formed in 1983, The Style Council were very much an eighties band, releasing nineteen singles and five albums in the UK between 1983 and 1989, before splitting-up in 1989.  Featuring a blend of rock, new wave, jazz, punk and several other styles, their best-selling singles were Speak Like A Child, Long Hot Summer/Paris Match (double A-side), My Ever Changing Moods, You're The Best Thing/The Big Boss Groove (double A-side), Shout To The Top, Walls Come Tumbling Down and It Didn't Matter which all reached the UK Top Ten.

Speak Like A Child (1983)
This was the band's debut single taken from the album Introducing The Style Council. The song reached #4 in the UK, and was the first of sixteen Top 40 hits for the band.
Long Hot Summer (1983)
This was the third hit single for the British band, peaking at #3 in the British Singles Chart. The track was part of a double-A side with Paris Match.

The video features the duo relaxing on the river Cam in Cambridge. Yes, these were the days when we actually had decent summers!

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