Old UK TV Adverts

from the 70s and 80s

Um Bongo 80s TV Ad 

TV Adverts from the 80s - Chocolate Bars and Sweets

 Chocolate Bars and Sweets Ads

80s Crisps and Snacks

Crisps & Snacks

Frosties TV Advert

 More TV Ads

Kia Ora - Classic TV Advert

The Kia Ora advert is one of the more memorable old ads from the eighties. one part of this ad that always sticks in my memory is when the crow says "I'll be your dog!".

Kia Ora TV Ad

Matey Bubble Bath

This is what Matey looks like today, which you can still buy.

Who remembers having a bath with Matey when they were young! Great memories here in this space-themed advert from the eighties. When I was a kid in the 70s, I was crazy about bubbles, and I used to really work up a lather when the taps were running so that I could hide underneath the bubbles - happy days!

Colgate 80s TV Advert

Remember this TV advert from yesteryear? It featured kids advertising Colgate 'Blue Minty Gel' to the tune of Madness 'Baggy Trousers'. I particularly like the lyrics to this one!

Fosters Lager

There were many UK ads featuring the famous Aussie actor, Paul Hogan and they always made me laugh! Watch this one and it'll have you hooked - sorry about the bad pun, but I just had to get that one in!

UK 80s TV Ad Break

This video clip features a selection of old ads including the Atari games console, Cheddar, Peugeot Talbot and Castlemaine XXXX.

Wrigley's Juicy Fruit

Is Juicy Fruit still available? It's years since I last had a piece of chewing gum, so I've no idea. But I remember this ad like it was yesterday!

Curry's Christmas Advert (UK)

from the 80s 
This ad features a range of products which you may remember from the eighties including a Matsui personal stereo, Phillips Mains Shaver, Braun food processor and a Sinclair Spectrum 128 +2 with joystick and software!
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