80's TV Presenter Frank Bough

80's British TV Presenter Frank Bough 

TV-am logo from the 80s

The 80s - Breakfast TV is born!

Remember waking up to Frank Bough and Selina Scott? Well, if you lived in the UK during the eighties you probably will. I remember watching TVAM on ITV just before I had to go to school, and getting a right rollicking for being late! Breakfast telly had only just begun and was a real novelty in the early eighties.

Here we have some really fabulous snippets from Eighties Breakfast TV on this page. Just play these videos and relive those golden days of TV-AM and the BBC's Breakfast Time. 

BBC Breakfast Time Presenters (1983) - Weatherman Francis Wilson, Debbie RIx, David Icke, Frank Bough, Selina Scott and Nick Ross
The BBC Breakfast Time team in 1983. Top row; Weatherman Francis Wilson, Debbie Rix, David Icke, Bottom row; Frank Bough, Selina Scott and Nick Ross.

The First Ever Episode of TV-AM

Sir David Frost

This video clip features the launch of the first TV-am programme by the Famous Five (David Frost, Michael Parkinson, Angela Rippon, Anna Ford and Robert Kee) on 1st February 1983.

TV AM "Good Morning Britain"

Opening Titles

Wow! This really brings back some fond memories of my early morning breakfasts before rushing off to school, well I didn't exactly rush! Now home time was a different matter. TV-AM was broadcast between 1st February 1983 and 31st December 1992.

BBC Breakfast Time in January 1984

BBC Breakfast Time in January 1984. If you had a crush on Selina Scott then you can relive those moments again by watching the video above! The clip starts off with the last few moments of Ceefax. The BBC used to display selected pages before the real TV programmes started - more interesting that watching boring Bill Turnbull.

Bill Turnbull with Susanna Reid on BBC Breakfast News
Breakfast TV today - thank goodness for the gorgeous Susanna Reid!

A young Fern Britton on

BBC Breakfast Time in 1984


Fern Britton
During the Autumn of 2012, Fern took part in BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing, although she was booted out after losing a dance-off with Girls Aloud singer Kimberly Walsh.

Debbie Greenwood in Leather(?) Trousers

Well, if they aren't leather then they are definitely rubber! In this clip she interviews Tim "Biggot" Smith. As I write, Debbie is a presenter on the QVC shopping channel.

Rat On The Road from TV-AM in 1983

You either loved him or hated him! Yes, that blasted Roland Rat used to have a regular slot on breakfast TV just to annoy adults across the UK.



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