John Craven

in the 70s and 80s

In 1972, John Craven began a regular children's news programme called Newsround, a programme that is still being aired today, though with different presenters.

It was fhe first kids news programme ever produced for British television. John Craven quickly became associated with children's TV and presented news items on Saturday morning TV shows, Multi Coloured Swap Shop (with Keith Chegwin, Maggie Philbin and Noel Edmonds) and Saturday Superstore with DJ Mike Read.

John left Newsround in 1989 to present Countryfile which he still presents today.

John Craven's Newsround - Full Length Theme Music

Am I the only one who had no idea that the opening titles to Newsround were actually part of a full-length tune called "Johnny One´╗┐ Note" by the Ted Heath Band. You learn something everyday I guess!

John Craven in the 80s

Children's BBC in the late 80s

This clip features presenter Philip Schofield messing around in the broom cupboard before introducing us to John Craven's Newsround.

John Craven has goat trouble!

In this excellent quality clip from 1982, we see John Craven (with Noel Edmonds) having trouble with a goat on the last ever edition of Saturday morning kids TV show, Swap Shop on BBC1.

Here is a full Newsround bulletin from John Craven's Newsround in 1982


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John Craven in the 70s

John Craven in the 70s 

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