Voice Of The Beehive Playlist- Don't Call Me Baby (1988)

This playlist (which you can also find on the SimplyEighties Youtube channel) features all of the band's Top 40 hit singles. The last video for "Perfect Place" features the audio only as, unfortunately, there were was only one original video available which had terrible audio.
Voice Of The Beehive - Let It Bee (album sleeve)
The cover artwork of Let It Be, the band's first studio album.

Studio Albums

1988  Let It Bee  #13
1991  Honey Lingers  #17
1996  Sex & Misery  -

Top 40 Singles in the UK

1988  Don't Call Me Baby  #15
1988  I Say Nothing (re-issue)  #22
1991  Monsters And Angels  #17
1991  I Think I Love You  #25
1991  Perfect Place  #37

Highest UK chart positions

Don't Call Me Baby (1988)
Voice of the Beehive formed in 1986 in London and were Californian sisters, Tracey Bryn and Melissa Brooke Belland, plus Mike Jones on guitar, Martin Brett on bass guitar and Daniel "Woody" Woodgate (from London band Madness) on drums.

Don't Call Me Baby, surprisingly, only reached No.15 in the UK, and No.48 in Australia, and was taken from the album Let It Bee, which was the band's only 80's album. Their only other 80's hit single was I Say Nothing which was originally released in 1987, and was re-released in 1988 when it reached No.22 in the UK singles chart.

Voice of the Beehive had further success in 1991 with their album Honey Lingers which produced three hit singles in the UK; Monsters and Angels (No.17), I Think I Love You (No.25) and Perfect Place (No.37).  They also had minor success in Australia.
Voice Of The Beehive
Voice Of The Beehive - Don't Call Me Baby Live

Voice Of The Beehive performing on Top Of The Pops

Here are the girls performing Don't Call Me Baby on British music show Top Of The Pops during June 1988. 



Voice Of The Beehive Honey Lingers