70s Wigs
We don't sell wigs here at SimplyEighties, but you can use this page to gain some ideas and inspiration. We've hand-picked the best-priced and best-rated retro wigs for both men and women from the web's biggest and most trusted supplier,
Ladies Wigs
Gents Wigs
70s Layered Flick Wig
Brown Shag Style
Dark Shag Wig
Tight Perm
Long Hippy Girl Wig
Men's Shag Style
Black Afro
Wig and Beard

Long, Blonde Hippy
Black Hippy Style - also available in brown and blonde
Massive Afro
Afro Style - Black Pop
Blonde Hippy Wig with Flower Headband
Colourful Afro WIgs
Mohican Wig
Punk Rocker Mohawk Wig
Daphne (Scooby Doo) Long, Orange Wig
Multi-coloured Afro Wig - other colours available
70s Style Wig and Tash Set
Space Age Silver Tinsel Wig
Discopuffs Wig
Alice Cooper Style Rocker Wig
Red and Purple Mohican Wig