Blitz Magazine No.33, July/Aug 1985 ft. Billy Idol

Magazine shown is Blitz No.33 - July/August 1985 featuring 80s rock star Billy Idol 


by Mark Nobes, chief editor

If you were an avid reader of magazines in 1985, then chances are you will have read at least one of the publications featured on this page. So take a gander and see how may covers you recognise.

You may not remember Blitz, as it was quickly overshadowed by The Face and i-D during the 1990s. However, during the 1980s, the magazine became the style bible for trendy teenagers. Blitz was founded in 1980 by two university students, Carey Labovitch and Simon Tesler. The content focused mainly on pop music and fashion, and from its humble beginnings, developed into a glossy bi-monthly (and later a monthly) which attracted a cult following. 

From 1982 to 1987, the magazine's fashion editor was Iain R. Webb, who beacame a Professor of fashion at the Royal College of Art and a respected, award-winning fashion writer. He now runs the blog

Record Mirror Christmas issue 1985 featuring Shane MacGowan from The Pogues

This double Christmas issue of Record Mirror features the handsome Shane MacGowan from The Pogues

The Goonies souvenir magazine from 1985

The Goonies official souvenir magazine 1985. This collector's edition featured interviews, a photo story and 150 pictures. The movie became a box office hit in 1985, raking in over $60 million.

Jackie magazine May 1985 ft. Simon Le Bon

Jackie magazine cover from May 1985 featuring a shirtless Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. Aimed at teenage girls, Jackie was published from January 1964 until July 1993, and was at its peak during the 1970s with sales of over 605,000 in 1976.

Jamming magazine April 1985 ft. Holly Johnson and Paul Rutherford

Jamming! magazine April 1985 with a free flexi record. On the cover we see Holly Johnson and Paul Rutherford from Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Founded in 1977, the publication started as a school-published fanzine. It ceased publication in January 1986.

Blue Jeans magazine - June 29 1985

A cover from June 29th 1985. Like Jackie, Blue Jeans was aimed at teenage girls and focused heavily on pop stars and fashion. Some covers featured fashion models, while others included major pop stars. The British weekly was published between 1980 and 1991 by D.C. Thompson.

Guitarist magazine November 1985 ft. Gary Moore

Guitarist November 1985 featuring the legendary Gary Moore. The first issue of the UK-based magazine was published in 1984 and it's still going strong. 

The Hit magazine Nov 1985 ft. Fine Young Cannibals

The Hit Nov 1985 featuring Fine Young Cannibals. I don't remember ever seeing this one at the newsagents, and there is very little info available on the web. The only covers I have seen are from 1985, so I am guessing that this was a short-lived, British publication.

World Soccer magazine August 1985 ft. Maradona

World Soccer magazine August 1985 featuring Maradona. Established in 1960, this British-based magazine is still being published and currently has around 30,000 readers per month.

The Official Doctor Who Magazine Jan 1985 ft. Colin Baker

The Official Doctor Who Magazine Jan 1985 featuring Colin Baker as the colourful sixth Doctor. Issue 1 was published in 1979 and featured Tom Baker on the cover as the fourth Doctor, stood next to a dalek. The magazine is still going strong and is published in the UK by Panini Comics.

Motor magazine 1985 featuring the new Ford Escort

An issue of Motor magazine featuring the new Ford Escort

Strawberry Switchblade No1 Magazine March 23 1985

Strawberry Switchblade in polka dots on the cover of No1 magazine on March 23rd 1985.