1p (Penny) Sweets

Do you remember the joy of walking into a sweet shop and buying a handful of penny sweets? We used to call them penny chews back in the day, and you could buy a range of 1p sweets which included milk bottles, foam bananas, flying saucers, Trebor Fruit Salad, Blackjacks, Anglo Bubbly etc.
Alas, as I have grown older, spending a penny now has a completely different purpose, but I was surprised to learn that you can still buy penny sweets, although you now need to buy them in bulk and the choice is limited. Nonetheless, they are still available which is pretty amazing considering the 1980s was over three decades ago!
I have chosen only the best brands such as Swizzels and Haribo, so you can be sure of receiving the best quality sweets. Below are bulk buy sweets in tubs and jars containing mostly 1p sweets, although you will also find 2p sweets.
Whopping Penny Mix Jar