Ah, yes! Who can forget the Ska and Mod Revival of the late 70s and early 80s?

Record labels such as 2 Tone, Stiff Records and Go Feet provided us with some amazing music from band's such as The Specials, Madness, The Selecter and the The Beat - remember Mirror In The Bathroom?

2 Tone music was influenced by ska and Jamaican Reggae, and fans were known as Rude Boys and Rude Girls. Men's clothes were a combination of mod, skinhead and gangster fashions, with highly polished shoes or boots, fitted drainpipe/straight leg trousers (or jeans) which were cut short to show off their dazzling white socks. Also popular were button down shirts, polo T-shirts, braces, skinny ties, Harrington bomber jackets, overcoats, pork pie or trilby hats and wayfarer or wraparound shades. Footwear included loafers, brogues and Dr. Marten boots.

Ladies wore tight pencil skirts with tights (plain or chequered), or a rockabilly swing dress (often with white socks and high heels). Pencil skirts were usually worn above the knee, although longer styles were sometimes worn. Dogtooth and check styles were popular pattern designs. Monkey boots, Doc Marten boots or winkle pickers were popular footwear choices.

Ska - 2 Tone Music - The Best Of The Specials


Most Popular Ska and 2 Tone Clothing

British Made Harrington Jacket

Available in sizes X-small to 5x X-Large in black, burgundy, navy, beige, bottle green and red. Features the classic tartan lining. Ideal for both Mod and Two Tone dress-up and a bargain price!
Ska Rude Boy Black Polo Shirt for Men

Ska Polo T-Shirts

These can be worn on their own or under a Harrington jacket for a late 70s Mod influenced/Ska look. Wear with straight leg trousers and braces. You may also want to add a porkpie or trilby hat.

There is a large range of 2 Tone/Ska polo shirts at Amazon UK with prices starting at £14.99. Also look out for Lambretta Polo shirts and Fred Perry Polo shirts. Whilst very authentic, Fred Perry polos are pretty expensive, so you may prefer to go for the previous two options. Trojan Records also have a fantastic range of polo shirts and other mod/ska/reggae clothing items.

For a full-on Mod look, wear with braces, drainpipe jeans with turn-ups and Dr Marten boots. Shaving your head is optional!

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Fred Perry

Men's Varsity Jacket, black and white


Ska Varsity Jacket

This stylish, high quality jacket is available in grey and white or black and white and is available for sizes from X-small to 3XL

2 Tone and Ska T-shirts

We now have two sections bursting with a wide range of T-shirts, baseball shirts and mod revival T-shirt ideas for both men and women. There are lots of unique designs from top suppliers and prices start at under £10 including delivery.

Ska Dancers Black Dress

Ska Dancers Dress

A short sleeve, long T-shirt dress (black or white) made from 100% cotton. Shaped to fit and ideal for summer festivals and parties.

Mod and Ska Skirts

Retro Button Down Paisley Shirt

A high quality shirt which is ideal for creating a Mod-influenced Ska or 2-Tone style.

Ska and Mod Long Sleeve Shirts

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Men's Tartan Tweed Mod Trousers


Retro Tweed Mod Style Straight Leg Trousers

These are just perfect for creating a Madness/2 Tone costume. A classic slim fit available in sizes 30 to 42 inch waist. If you're in your 50s, like me, you'll probably need to allow room for that beer belly!

Men's original Monkey Boots


Men's Original Monkey Boots

The classic 70s leather Mod boot by Grafters. Available in black or wine.

Men's Low Cost Faux Leather Slip On Brogues


Brogues and Loafers

The slip-on loafer with a tassle is a British classic and there is a wide range of loafers available. If you want something low-cost, then you will like this pair of faux leather brogues (tan or black) by Sergio Italia. Just make sure you keep them highly-polished!

Dr. Martens Boots

For an authentic mod-influenced look, opt for Doc Martens originals in oxblood colour. However, cherry red is acceptable. For true authenticity, 10 eye or even 14 eye boots should be worn. However, these are difficult to find these days and 8-eye are perfectly acceptable. You can buy the non-originals at a cheaper price. A low-cost alternative is to opt for monkey boots

Pork Pie Hats

You may remember Robert De Niro wearing a Pork Pie Hat in the 1973 movie Mean Streets. The hat became a popular choice with Ska and 2 Tone bands, and you can buy them in a wide range of styles including tweed and faux leather.

Ska and 2 Tone Dress-Up Accessories

Ska and 2 Tone Messenger Bags

You'll find a wide range of stylish messenger bags available at the Ripped Ink Clothing Co. store on Amazon. We found around 40 designs with prices between £17.99 and £18.99, although these are subject to change, of course.