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Whether you want to look like a flower power hippie or a 70s Abbaresque disco chick, you'll find a fantastic range of costume ideas on this page which are suitable for all budgets. The aim of this page is to inspire you and present you with some great ideas on what to wear to a retro 70s/disco themed party or event.

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There are three sections on this page, starting with costume theme ideas. 

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70s Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit with flared sleeves and bell-bottoms became highly popular during the 70s, and ABBA were just one of many pop groups to embrace the fad. There are many outrageous and loud costumes available which are guaranteed to turn heads!

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Hippy Costume

Born in the 60s, psychedelic and flower power hippy styles continued to influence early 70s fashion. There is a bright and colourful range of outfits available that are ideal for both 60s and 70s themed events and parties. Add accessories such as CND logo necklaces, tinted teashades (round) John Lennon style shades and a scarf headband. 

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ABBA Costume

There can be hardly anyone on the planet who hasn't heard of Swedish pop group ABBA. It's an obvious choice and they were huge in the 70s. There are many costumes available. Ensure you wear a blonde wig to look like Agnetha and a dark brown wig for Anni-Frid.

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Disco Costume

Disco music was born in the 70s and this is a very popular theme. There are many styles of costumes available with a disco theme and these include the aforementioned jumpsuit and ABBA costumes. Add a big Afro wig for a fun look.

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Grease Sandy 70s Fancy Dress Costume

Sandy from Grease Costume

You'll be ready for some "Summer Lovin" in this outfit, which represents Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) from the 1978 musical movie Grease. Alternatively, create your own outfit using an off-the-shoulder, black blouse and high waisted, faux leather leggings.

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Penelope Pitstop Costume

If you grew up in the 70s, then you will remember this character from those classic cartoons Wacky Races and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop. Please note that the white boots shown need to be bought separately, or you can buy cheaper boot covers.

This is a great idea for a costume and one that not many will have thought of - just watch out for Dick Dastardly or the Hooded Claw!

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Bionic Woman Lyndsay Wagner Costume

Bionic Woman Costume

This is a quirky idea for 70s dress-up and there's a pretty good chance that nobody else will have thought of it. The TV series was a spin-off from The Six Million Dollar Man and aired for three seasons from 1976 to 1978. It starred Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, the Bionic Woman.

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Not available in the U.S., sorry! 

Princess Leia - Star Wars

The Star Wars movies are just as popular today as they were when first released back in 1977. You'll be instantly recognisable as Princess Leia from the original movie. Also available is Padme Amidala from the newer films. The wig is included with most of the Princess Leia costumes.

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Velma from Scooby Doo Costume

We all remember this geeky character from our childhood, and now you can become her! This complete costume includes the wig, glasses, shirt and shirt. However, you can also create your own costume using separate items which are available at Amazon using the links below.

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British Tartan Punk Girl Costume

Punk Costume

Transport yourself back to the late 1970s when punk was all the rage. This outfit includes a tartan skirt, net top, black studded leather effect basque with studded collar and cuffs. Wig sold separately.

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Wonder Woman Costume

If you're as old as I am, then you'll remember Lynda Carter playing Diana Prince, who would spin around to transform into Wonder Woman in the 70s TV series. A wide range of outfits are available for all budgets.

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Female Elvis

Everyone's seen the male Elvis impersonators, but now it's the turn of the ladies! A great idea, and this outfit is Ideal for an Elvis festival, 70s themed party or a wild night out!

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Star Trek Dress

This is a pretty original idea for ladies and no accessories are required. Just slip on and you're ready to teleport yourself to the party - let's just hope it's out of this world!

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Miss Piggy Face Mask

Miss Piggy Costume

This volatile diva made her TV debut in 1976, and quickly became one of the best-loved characters in The Muppet Show. There are a number of costumes and costume kits available which will allow you to dress-up as Miss Piggy and practice your karate chop on anyone you take a dislike to!

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Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costumes

Wilma Flintstone Costume

This cartoon was a firm favourite in our household during the 70s. A Wilma costume is ideal for couples or as part of a group, and there are many other Flintstones character costumes available inc. Pebbles, Betty and Barney Rubble and, of course, Fred.

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Create a Low-Cost Space Hopper Costume

The Space Hopper is an iconic toy from the 1970s, and you could create a low-cost, quick and easy costume using a T-shirt and some orange face or body paint.

Union Jack Dress

There are several designs to choose from and these versatile dresses are ideal for a 60s look, a punk look (add accessories) or Geri Halliwell Spice Girls 90s look. Add white boot covers or tall boots for a sixties look.

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70s Jumpsuit for Halloween
Skeleton Jumpsuit

Ideal for Halloween, this is a fun 70s style jumpsuit with flared bottoms and skeleton bones design which is available for girls and adult women. Includes a necktie. Add lots of dark eyeliner, white face paint and a scary wig to complete your look.


Add accessories to your costume to complete your look, or why not use them to create a complete costume?  

Fringed Halterneck Hippy Top

Hippy Top

This fringed, halterneck hippy top is available in pink or yellow. Add flared palazzo pants to create a costume. Not available in the U.S.

70s Flared Jeans - Bellbottoms - Ladies

Flared Jeans

Slip on a pair of flares/bell-bottoms and you already have half a costume. There are lots to choose from.

60s/70s Style Boots

Tall white, silver or even pink boots will really boost your disco look. Alternatively, boot covers are a cost-effective way to look like your wearing retro boots. Simply fit them over your shoes. Ideal for 60s go-go or a 70s disco look. 

70s Disco Elton John Star Glasses

Disco Star Glasses

These are very 70s and a fun addition to any costume. Many bright colours available. 

I Loveheart the 70s T-shirt Pink for Women

Create an instant 70s look with this ladies T-Shirt which is available in white or pink and in all sizes.

Disco Sequin Hat

Disco Sequin Hat

Complete your look with a groovy disco hat, of which there are several to choose from. 

Silver Tinsel Wig

These are both cost-effective and versatile wigs which are ideal for almost any night out. Perfect for a 70s disco look. Lots of colours and styles available.

Ladies Long Hippy Wig


Hippy Wigs 

Ideal for 60s, 70s and Hippy Dress-up. There are many styles and colours available.

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