On this page you'll find everything you need to create your own fantastic 80s style costume. There's neon and geometric jewellery including bangles, earrings and necklaces. Plus, you'll also find clothing items, shoes, bags and belts. You name it, it's here - well, almost!

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Smiffy's 80's Bottle Blonde Wig
Big Bargain Fashion Retro Multi-layer Chain Pendant Black Cross Metal Long Necklace Gift
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Leg Warmers and Sweatbands Set

Leg Warmers and Sweatbands Set (choice of colours)

Complete your 80s workout look with this set which is available in nine colours.  

Neon Multi-Coloured Beaded Bracelets

*Best Seller * Neon Beaded Bracelets

A very popular set of four 80s style bracelets.

1980s Accessory Fancy Dress Kit

8 Piece 1980s Accessory Set

Includes fishnet gloves, beads necklace, shutter shades, hoop earrings, 12 jelly bands, neon garters and an alice band. Ideal for 80s, clubbing etc.

Rhombus Geometric 80s Earrings

Rhombus Geometric Neon Earrings

Fluorescent green and black 80s style earrings. 

80s Neon Short Fingerless Fishnet Gloves

Available in 10 colours. 

Neon 80s Party/Clubbing Accessory Kit (4 Colours)

Includes Fishnet Gloves, Bead Necklace, Armbands, Headband & Shutter Glasses. Available in green, pink, yellow or orange. Ideal for 80s events, clubbing, hen parties etc.

80s Fancy Dress Accessories Kit

This low-cost set is available in six colours and includes long, fingerless gloves, 12 wristbands, long necklace and leg warmers. Ideal for 80s dress-up or hen nights. 

Low-Cost Neon Tutu Skirt

A budget-priced skirt for sizes 8-16 and available in a range of colours. Ideal for hen nights, fun runs and eighties events.

80s Fancy Dress Accessory Kit

80s Accessory Kit for Women

Includes long, fingerless fishnet gloves, leg warmers, beaded necklace, shamballa bracelet and gummy bands. 

80s Madonna Style Alice Band - choice of colours

80s Neon Alice Band (choice of colours)

Madonna style hair band by Honey B's. Available in 10 colours including black diamante. 

Back to the 80s Bum Bag

Back to the 80's Bum Bag (6 Colours)

Includes a large main pocket and zippered rear pocket. Adjustable belt.

80s Girl Loveheart Tote Bag

Go shopping 80s style with this eco friendly, long-handled shopping bag which is also available in cream. 

Neon Orange Square Mesh Earrings

Neon Square Mesh Drop Earrings

Available in pink, green, orange or yellow. The perfect, low-cost accessory for adding the finishing touches to your 80s look. Ideal for hen parties.

Neon Animal Print Bangle

These glorious bangles are available with both leopard and tiger print designs. Please note that you will receive only one random bangle for the quoted price.

80s Neon Balls Bracelet Set

This set of five stretchy bracelets in different colours is ideal for 80s dress-up, clubbing etc. Perfect for giving your costume the finishing touch. 

Glow in the Dark Earrings

These low-cost earrings light-up for around six hours once activated and come in a choice of four colours. Ideal for raves, 80s parties and festivals.






Glow Stick Bracelets x 100

100 Pack of Premium Glow Stick Bracelets

Ideal for clubbing and 80s dress up 

Neon Jersey Ra-Ra Skirt (sizes 8 to 14)

Ra Ra skirts were popular in the early eighties, and this low-cost skirt is ideal for 80s fancy dress, festivals/gigs etc. Available in six colours.


Neon Vest Top (choice of colours)

Ideal for wearing as part of an 80s costume, particularly a fitness look, this racerback top is available in nine colours.

Neon Lycra Hot Pants

Perfect for an 80s style workout, or wear under a tutu or as part of a fancy dress costume. Available in sizes 8-22.





Neon Pink Hair Bow

A easy-to-wear, neon hair bow on a band. Perfect for 1980s fancy dress, hen nights etc. 

Light-Up Neon Shutter Shades

Now, these might be a lot more expensive that standard shutter shades, but, damn, don't they look cool? They include three settings; All On, Fast Blink, and Hyper Strobe and use just 2 small AA batteries.



Inflatable 1980s Brick Phone

Inflatable 80s Mobile Phone

An ideal and fun addition to any 80s costume. Also perfect as a party decoration. 

Inflatable Stereo Boombox

Inflatable Boombox

Blow up ghettoblaster - excellent 80s party or costume accessory 

Shutter Shades

These are great for clubbing, 80s gigs, festivals and parties. They don't protect your eyes from the sun, of course, but they're fun to wear and stylish. 

80s Wayfarer Sunglasses

Both retro and stylish, Wayfarer style shades comes in many colours, and prices start at under £2. Ideal for festivals, eighties dress-up or everyday use.

Read more on our 80s Sunglasses Page

Eighties Wig for Ladies

How much more 1980s can a wig get? Featuring a combination of two classic styles - the spiral perm and quiff - this low-cost wig will make your costume really stand-out from the crowd.

Neon Fluorescent Crucifix (choice of colours)

A low-cost cross available in neon colours, black, silver or gold. Ideal for Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and 80s dress-up.

Neon Mesh Top (Yellow, Pink or Green)

Perfect for creating an eighties style and for clubbing.
Long Fishnet Fingerless Gloves

Long Fishnet Fingerless Gloves (10 Colours)

Ideal for wearing with an 80s, Madonna or punk rock costume.

Neon Bracelets and Belts for 80s Dress-Up

Smiffy's Neon Belts

A pack of three different coloured 80s style belts. 

Neon Gummy Bands/Bracelets

Neon Gummy Bands

Pack of 48 mixed colour jelly bands for 80s dress up. 

Neon UV Beaded Necklaces x 4

Fluorescent Necklaces (4 Pack)

Pack of 4 different coloured neon, beaded necklaces.

Neon Pink Lace Scarf

Neon Pink Lace Scarf

Ideal for Madonna/80s fancy dress.

LArge Neon Pink Hoop Earrings

Large Neon Pink Hoop Earrings

Approx 6.5cm diameter - ideal for 80s fancy dress. 

Neon Green Hoop Earrings

Neon Green Hoop Earrings

Also available in orange, pink and yellow. 

Large Neon Pink Enamel Hoop Earrings

60mm diameter. Silver tone. 

Zebra Print Teardrop Earrings

Metal finish, silver plated. 

Neon Stiletto 80s Party Shoes

Available in pink, orange, yellow and also in suede. 

Ladies Hi Top Canvas Trainers

Lora Dora Ladies Canvas Hi-Top Trainers

Available in eight colours. Low-cost alternative to the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star hi-tops. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Canvas Trainers for Ladies

Converse All Stars Boots

The original hi-tops that were popular in the 80s. Available in many colours and sizes. 






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80s Woman wearing Neon Beads and Teardrop Earrings