By Laura Townend, fashion writer

This post is written by our 80s fashion expert, Laura. In it, you will discover several ways to dress up as a 1980s style flight attendant/air steward. 

With so many bold and daring fashion fads around in the 1980s, the attire worn by air hostesses doesn't often get a mention when discussing 80s fashion. Nonetheless, back in my teen years, I used to dream about becoming a glamorous air stewardess/flight attendant, travelling around the globe in my attractive outfit while attending lots of champagne-fuelled parties - I also liked the scarf/neckerchief! 
Of course, in reality the job of a "trolley dolly" is probably rather less glamorous, and the tight and clingy cut of the outfits were considered to be rather sexist by many feminist groups.

Nonetheless, you can partly fulfil your teenage dreams (or even pre-teen dreams) of becoming an air hostess with a fun costume from Amazon. They're especially ideal if you're looking for a more novel party costume idea and perfect for groups/hen parties.

The costume above can be bought in a full range of sizes from 8 to 22. It's available on the official Smiffy's store on Amazon. However, you may also like this low cost red air attendant costume below...
This costume is excellent value and ideal for anyone on a tight budget. It includes the jacket, skirt insert, skirt, hat and necktie.
This uniform by California Costumes is both sylish and genuine-looking and could be used for a 70s or 80s theme. It includes the dress, neck tie, bag and hat.

There are plenty of other choices available including uniforms with slightly longer and less revealing skirts such as this one...
Pan-am ceased its operations in 1991, therefore, these costumes can be used for both 70s and 80s themed events/parties. The uniform above has a clean, classic style and you will see plenty of other choices when you select the links above. 

Another outfit you may like to consider that has a strong 1980s themw is this Top Gun Officer costume...
The official costume includes the dress, hat and gloves and look pretty authentic and glamorous. 

Have fun - Laura.