80s Fancy Dress Costumes for Adults

Fancy Dress for the 80s 

Whether you're going to an eighties themed party or festival, or maybe out on a hen or stag night, you've come to the right place! We have oodles of fantastic ideas for both men and women, which includes 80s costumes and outfits, wigs, accessories and great dress-up ideas that will help to make you stand out from the crowd!

Best 80s Costume Theme Ideas For Adults

Revisit a time when baggy sweatshirts and leg warmers were the norm, and everyone knew almost every song in the charts. Whether you want to dress as Cyndi Lauper, Boy George from Culture Club or Mr. T from the A-Team, you'll find everything you need on our website. So, Relax (Don't Do It), grab a cherry coke and start browsing... 


Explore a wide range of complete, ready-to-go costumes and great dress-up ideas. Whether you want to dress-up as Madonna, Alexis from Dynasty, Tina Turner or a Punk Rocker, you'll find a great choice suitable for all budgets.

View an exciting range of eighties style costumes for men. Includes Adam Ant, Ghostbusters, MC Hammer, 2 Tone, the Green Cross Code Man and more! Whichever eighties character you want to look like, you'll find the right costume. 

In this section you'll find tutu costume kits, tutu/petticoat skirts, ra-ra and ruffle skirts, Madonna style skirts and many more styles.  

80s Style Leggings and Stirrup Dance Tights

Here you'll find leggings and tights with a distinctly 80s feel to them. They're ideal for creating an 80s fancy dress costume, or for workout and dance sessions. 

T-Shirts that made a statement were big back in the eighties, and now they are fashionable once again. Now you can wear the same style as you did in your youth, or an updated style to show how much you're still in love with the 1980s!

From swinging sixties Go-Go girl and hippie costumes to 70s Disco, John Travolta and ABBA outfits - you'll find a groovy range of fancy dress costumes suitable for ALL budgets.

Relive the ska revival with these costume and clothing ideas, from pork pie hats to Harrington jackets. You'll also find lots of advice on which items to use to put together an authentic ska look.
Discover a wide range of punk and gothic clothing and costume ideas and create a rebellious retro style look.
Relive the fitness and dance craze of the eighties with this awesome range of costumes, clothing and accessories.
A wide range of plus size 80s fancy dress outfits and clothing items in larger sizes including other retro themes.

View the biggest range of Madonna outfits, wigs and accessories on the web - to suit ALL budgets. Includes all of her iconic looks from the 80s such as Virgin Bride, Material Girl and the gold pointed cones.

With his band Culture Club, Boy George created one of the most memorable looks of the 80s in the Karma Chameleon video. You'll be instantly recognisable in one of these outfits based on the pop star's iconic image.

Ghostbusters Fancy Dress Outfits, T-Shirts and Accessories for Men and Women. Ideal for eighties and Halloween parties and events, or if there's something strange going on in your neighbourhood! Now, who ya gonna call?

Top Gun Fancy Dress Costumes
Become Maverick, Iceman, Charlie or any character from the 80s film with costumes that'll take your breath away! 

The dandy highwayman wore some of the most iconic fashion outfits of the 80s. Recreate his 18th century swashbuckling style with a choice of fancy dress costumes.  

Celebrate the crazy 80s comedy horror film with a range of costumes for men and women. Ideal for Halloween, you can also compare prices from several suppliers. 

Become the king of pop with one of many costumes or accessories to suit all budgets. If you want to look bad then visit this page now - you can't beat it! 

Just about everyone has played with the best-selling puzzle toy of all-time, and these eye-catching costumes will get you noticed at any party! Ideal for 1980s fancy dress.

These bum bags, shoulder bags, sports bags and even shopping bags all feature a funky 80s theme - ideal for festivals, camping, school, Gym etc.

Discover what was hot in the 80s and buy them once again. Including Aviators, Rayban style, Wayfarers, Clubmaster, Tea Shade, Robot Sci-fi, Shutter Shades etc.

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Above you'll find everything you need, including outfits for men and women, flourescent/neon clothing and clubwear, rock chick outfits, tutus, wigs and more! There are many characters and pop stars from the 70s and 80s that you can dress-up as, such as Madonna, Tina Turner, Boy George, Michael Jackson or even Teen Wolf!

If your looking for the latest, cool 80s clothes and accessories that you can wear everyday then please visit the 80s T-Shirt pages. More info about 80s fashion can be found on the 80s Fashion page.

Did you know that all of the top fancy dress suppliers such as Smithy's and Rubies are competing with each other on the Amazon.co.uk website?  This is where you'll find some of the lowest prices available on the web, and here at Simply Eighties we've hand-picked the best rated 80s-themed costumes (from customers feedback) at the best possible prices for each item and put them all in one, convenient place. By the way, costumes with too much negative feedback have been left out.