Sadly, this costume is not available in the U.S., but please visit our costume ideas section for women 

This colourful outfit by Smiffys has a style reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper's look in the 1980s. The fiery wig, beads, bangles and fishnet tights/gloves are not included, but there is a huge range of low-cost 80s wigs and accessories available which I'll come to in a moment. The costume does include the black dress with coloured frills (which shout out "I want to party!"), mesh top and large belt. Three sizes are available - small, medium and large.

The majority of fancy dress costumes do not come with accessories, but this means you can add your own individuality to your outfit and, therefore, reduce the chances of someone else arriving at the party/event in the exact same costume - nightmare!


Long fishnet/mesh gloves are available for very low prices at Amazon and are available many colours. These were worn by many pop stars during the 1980s including Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. 

Although the girl in the picture above is wearing black fingerless gloves, you may feel that one of the many neon colours available adds a bit more vibrancy to the outfit. They're also ideal for fun runs and clubbing.

The rules are not set in stone, so don't be afraid to experiment - clashing colours were often used in 80s fashion clothing, and that includes the make-up.

Orange and pink together may seem ghastly to many people (including myself), but for an eighties look they're an ideal match.

This wig was considerably cheaper than the official wig above. 

Alternative Costume

80s Party Diva Costume

Although more expensive to buy, this 80's Diva costume by Rubie's is more complete and will save you the hassle of ordering separate items. It includes the Cyndi Lauper/Madonna style dress, fishnet leggings with lace detailing, fingerless glovelets, chain belt, necklace, wristlet and hair piece. 

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