Motley Crue


To be in an 80s metal band, the liberal use of make-up, spandex and leather was essential. You were also required to make a significant contribution to the depletion of the ozone layer with the liberal use of hairspray. Many of these bands looked like circus acts, and one of the first commercially successful albums by such a band was Motley Crue's Shout At The Devil in 1983. Both the band's look and sound, no doubt, influenced a whole array of upcoming metal band's during the 1980s.
Bon Jovi - 80s Hair Metal Band
Bon Jovi were a significant part of the 80s glam metal movement, although in their early days they looked like they'd taken part in a blindfolded trolley dash in a cheap fashion warehouse. However, it was hard not to enjoy their infectious stadium rock tunes such as You Give Love A Bad Name and Livin' On A Prayer
Whitesnake's clothes are actually pretty tame compared to some of the other band's featured here. But what you really can't miss are those monumental, lion's mane hairstyles! The award for the most stupendous 80s hair just has to go to these guys. If you aren't convinced, then take a look at this next photo... 
Whitesnake and their colossal lion's mane hairstyles!
Guns N' Roses
Who can forget this iconic 80s look - Axl Rose's bandana and Slash's top hat!! Despite the tight leather pants, Axl could still belt out those hits such as Sweet Child O'Mine and Paradise City. If you fancy dressing-up as Slash or Axl then you may be interested in these items;

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Despite many people slating Poison's fashion style (they're at No.1 in Yahoo's Top 25 worst hair metal bands list), during the second half of the 80s, the U.S. band enjoyed success with the multi-platinum albums Look What The Cat Dragged In andOpen Up and Say... Ahh!. The success continued into the next decade when the 1990 album Flesh & Blood also 3x Platinum in the U.S.

Whatever you make of the clothing worn by these bands, these crazy styles give much inspiration for a wonderful fancy dress outfit idea. Fancy dress costumes are fun and outrageous, which makes the 80s hair metal band look just perfect!

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