Woman wearing neon 80s jewellery

80s Jewellery Trends That Are Back in Fashion

by Jane Duncan, freelance writer

Aug 10, 2019

Some of the best 80s jewellery trends are making a comeback! Which is great news for 80s fashion lovers. The bright colours, adventurous shapes and bold designs of jewellery from the decade have been reinvented with a modern touch, so what better time to accessorize your heart out and update your jewellery collection to pay homage to the old school glam of the era. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the best 80s jewellery trennds that are back in town with a twist.

Making A Statement

Jewellery in the 1980s was all about standing out, which was in keeping with the concept of expressing your individuality which started to gain popularity at the time. Designers started to push the boundaries of jewellery making by branching out on materials, from glittering gemstones and precious metals, to glass, beads, pearls, rubber and plastic. Fashion icons of the time such as Cindy Lauper, Princess Diana, Madonna and Brooke Shields embodied this trend and shift in cultural attitude, as the era of breaking out of traditional moulds and embracing a more individualistic style.

Signature 80s Earrings

Oversized earrings with funky patterns and colours were all the rage in the 80s, it was the era of costume jewellery, with lots of clip on earrings starting to make an appearance. Pearls and gold hoops were also another big 80s jewellery trademark. 

However, there were also some more elegant and sophisticated designs in more neutral colours, most famously sported by Princess Diana and Brooke shields. In any case, when it came to 80s earrings, there was something for everyone to express their own unique style.

A Touch of 80s Class

The more classic and elegant pieces are the ones that have made a comeback this time round, with a range of luxurious vintage designs available, from ornate gold clip on door knocker style earrings to gold hoops with dangling pearls. 

Retailers of these items range from Monet or Susan Caplan Vintage where prices start form about £30, to more top end labels such as Chanel and Versace where the sky is the limit! Large broaches which were another fashion trend of the 80s are also back in style, they are often found nestled in amongst earring collections. 

Chunky Gold Chains, Faux Pearls and Huge Pendants

Necklaces in the 1980s were large and eye-catching. Gold chains were a popular accessory, from the more simple and elegant everyday wear variety to the thicker more dressy ones.  Chokers were also very trendy as were pearl necklaces, it was common to see people wearing layers of faux pearls in many colours worn in strands hanging at varying lengths around the neck. Chain necklaces with pretty gemstone pendants are back in at the moment. Many of the new designs have a more modern twist with brilliant diamond encrusted designs that help bring out the sparkle in the gemstones.

Big Bangles

Remember when it comes to 80s jewellery, it is always best to take a more-is-more approach, so one bangle is never enough! Luckily, a whole range of 80s themed bracelets are currently back in fashion, from thick and colourful plastic bangles to chunky gold chains, as well as smaller chain charm bracelets complete with a gemstone or pearl pendant. You can find these across most high street fashion stores such as Zara and H&M. 

Also by Jane Duncan