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80S PARTY BALLOONS and Lanterns

For this article I'm going to discuss the good old-fashioned party balloon, and show you some amazing designs that will brighten up any 80s party.

Let's face it, a party without balloons is like a warm beer - it doesn't go down very well! Balloons have been used for celebrations since the 1800s, and you still regularly see bunches of different coloured balloons tied onto a tree in the garden or onto a front door to let everyone know there's a party going on.

Back in the 80s, bunches of multi-coloured balloons would always decorate a room at discos or birthday parties, and you could buy multi-packs which had a mixture of those long, sausage dog balloons and the more traditional shaped ones. They would come in a wide variety of clashing colours such as yellow, orange, blue and red, and you can still buy such colours today. You can also buy rocket balloons which make a loud squealing noise when you let them go - great fun for kids and adults alike!

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I discovered this boombox style foil balloon at Etsy. Obviously, it's more expensive than buying a multi-pack, but one or two of these would add an 80s vibe to your decor. You can also buy this balloon at Amazon.
I LOveheart the 80s Foil Balloon
This "I loveheart the 80s" foil balloon can be inflated with air or oxygen and is around half the price of the boombox balloon.
I Love the 80s Scene Setter Wall Decoration

You may also like this matching scene setter decoration.

This eye-catching Totally 80s Balloon Bouquet includes five balloons and is available at the Amazon US store. The supplier also ships to the UK. Please be aware that the balloons do not come with strings.

These classic, pear-shaped balloons will add a retro feel to any party.

These noisy rocket balloons will rekindle childhood memories for your guests and add some retro fun to your party.


If you require a strong 80s theme for your party then you'll be interested in the following items.

80s Slogan Balloons - "Frankie Says Relax" and "Choose Life"

80s Slogan Balloons by 80s Material Girl

Now, nothing could shout out "this is an 80s party!" more than these "Frankie Say Relax" and "Choose Life" balloons. They feature the two most iconic slogans to come out of the great decade. These block letter slogans originally adorned T-shirts, of course, but printing them onto balloons is a clever idea. and these would look fantastic at any 80s event.

80s Balloons on ebay

I Love the 80s Party Balloons

I Loveheart the 80s Balloons by 80s Material Girl

You can really show your appreciation for the best decade ever with these "I Love the 80s" balloons. You could mix them with the slogan balloons or other 80s-themed balloons on this page to create the ultimate eighties party atmosphere.

I Love the 80s Balloons at ebay

There are lots of top suppliers selling these balloons (in different designs) on ebay. I have linked to everything available, so you may need to scroll down the page to find the design above.

Animal print was also very fashionable back in the 1980s and you can choose from a wide variety of designs. You could also mix them with other balloon designs to create a vibrant display.

Pink Leopard Print Balloon

Pink Animal Print Balloons

Animal print was everywhere back in the 80s, and there are oodles of designs available at Amazon, including leopard, zebra and cheetah and they come in a variety of colours.

Here are few couple more examples of what is available;

Neon Animal Print Balloons for an 80s themed party.

Neon Safari Balloons

Animal Print Balloons for an 80s Party

Safari Animal Print Balloons (UK)

80s pull string pinata

A pinata will add some extra fun. Fill with 80s sweets or retro toys. 

80s Paper Lantern

Lanterns are a modern and quirky idea, and they're a realtively low-cost way to add an eye-catching, finishing touch to your party room.

If you really want to impress then how about these zebra print paper lanterns;

Zebra Print Paper Hanging Lanterns

Zebra Print Paper Hanging Lanterns

I really like zebra print, and it's perfectly 80s, too. There are plenty of designs available, too. There are many decent suppliers selling them at very low prices on ebay, or you may prefer to try Amazon...

Zebra Print Lanterns at Amazon UK

Pink Zebra Print Hanging Lantern

Pink Zebra Print Hanging Lantern

This vibrant pink lantern will be a real head-turner, and is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your 80s-themed decor.

You can also buy a whole range of party items with a similar theme, including paper plates, party favour bags, hats, paper cups, tablecloths, etc.

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