Whether you're planning a costume for an 80s party or event, or maybe a fun run or hen night, on this page you will find a wide range of ideas to help you. Our fashion expert Sara has handpicked each skirt and added commentary to help you make the right choice, Included are skirts with an 80s theme including tutus, ra-ras, petticoat, tulle, ruffle, skater and punk tartan skirts in many designs and colours.

Tutu skirt Sets are the most popular seller, and they are not only ideal for 1980s dress-up, they're also perfect for fun runs, hen nights and charity events, too. Wear with a loose fit 80s T-shirt (such as "Choose Life" as worn by Wham!) to complete your look. However, a rah-rah makes a nice alternative to a tutu, and these were also very popular back in the day.


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* Editor's Choice *

Perfect Day Petticoat Skirt - 25 Colours/Styles - Regular Fit

Choose from 25 styles of this fabulous, high quality and highly-rated tulle, multi-layered petticoat skirt. Features an elasticated waist.

* Best Value Madonna Skirt *

Two-Layered Long Petticoat Skirt (Sizes 6 to 22)

Although designed as a rockabilly underskirt, this knee-length skirt is also perfect for creating a Madonna 80s look and also comes in white and many other colours.Exceptional value and highly rated by customers.



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