Retro 80s style shades are very much in fashion, once again, and these particularly include Ray-Ban Wayfarer style, mirror lens and aviator frames which are great for everyday fashion. Robot/cyclops and shutter lens glasses look fantastic at fancy dress parties and clubs.

The cool thing about most of these retro style shades is that they are unisex, too, although it takes a brave man to wear some of those brightly-coloured wayfarers!

So let's take a look at what we were covering our eyes with back in the 1980s.






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Aviator Sunglasses for Adults

Aviators were originally designed by Ray-Ban for pilots back in the 1930s, but quickly became available for the public to buy. This style became very popular in the 70s and 80s and they featured heavily in TV shows and movies of the time. From Starsky and Hutch to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, therarely seemed to lose their popularity and they are still a popular retro choice today.  While the movie stars were wearing Ray-Bans, most of the general public bought cheaper replicas. However, if you're feeling flush, then nothing quite beats the feel of a pair of real Ray-Bans.

Let's take a look at the different styles that are available...
Reflective Aviator Sunglasses montage
Tom Cruise wearing aviators in Top Gun
Tom Cruise in Top Gun

Wayfarer Sunglasses

It was during the 50s and 60s that Wayfarers first became popular. During the 1970s their popularity faded, but after the release of the movie The Blues Brothers in 1980 there was a slight boost in sales. However, less than 20,000 pairs were sold. 

Out of desperation, Ray-Ban signed a movie placement deal and Tom Cruise popularised them style once more in the movie Risky Business (1983). Hundreds of thousands of Wayfarers were sold and a further boost in sales was experienced after they were worn in the film The Breakfast Club and TV series such as Miami Vice and Moonlighting. With pop stars such as Debbie Harry, Madonna and Michael Jackson also wearing Wayfarer's, sales were in the millions by 1986.
The Blues Brothers

Best Rated Wayfarers

Top Picks by SimplyEighties.com

You don't have to spend a small fortune on a pair of Wayfarers. We've hand-picked these shades which are not only available at low prices, but are also highly-regarded by customers. Please note that prices are subject to change, but hopefully they won't!

Multi-coloured Wayfarer Sunglasses Collage

Amazingly, these colourful Wayfarer style shades by ASVP shop are not only available at a bargain price, but have been receiving very positive feedback from customers. There are 31 eye-catching designs in a wide range of colours. 

These neon green framed sunglasses are very much like the style I wore back in the 80s. They're available for a great low price and highly rated by customers.

Classic Black 80s Wayfarer Plastic Sunglasses
These black Wayfarer style sunglasses by WearPro are a really decent quality, and much cheaper than Ray-Bans.
Neon Pink Frame 80s Wayfarer Sunglasses

These classic retro wayfarer style pink sunglasses are receiving great feedback from customers and a choice of 15 colours is available. The include UV400 protection

Available in 4 styles and a big choice of magnification strengths, these classic, tortoiseshell reading glasses have received lots of positive feedback from customers.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Of course, there's nothing quite like the feeling of wearing a real pair of Ray-Bans. This was, after all, the company the designed the Wayfarer style!
For an authentic look and high quality, long-lasting sunglasses, it just has to be the real McCoy! 
Tom Cruise wearing black Wayfarers in the eighties film Risky Business.

Monoblock (Robot) Sunglasses

Sometimes described as Robot and Cyclops style sunglasses, these are just so 80s and match perfectly with the advent of the home computer age, robotic dancing and electronic synthesizer music. The brilliant video clip above features a robotic dancing competition from 1983 (being judged by Metal Mickey) and if you look carefully you will spot some robot style sunglasses, especially at 1:05.

Shutter Shades

These slatted sunglasses are also known as venetian blinders. Shutter shades were created purely as a fashion statement and don't offer any eye protection, although some now have proper UV resistant lenses with the plastic shutters over the top of the lens. Although they're not the most practical choice of eyewear, they are colourful anf fun, and will add a strong 80s vibe to any party outfit.