by Mark Nobes, chief editor

This isn't one of Adam Ant's best-remembered singles, but it's a damn fine tune, nonetheless, and I really admire the bassline on this one. Desperate But Not Serious was the last single to be released from Adam Ant's debut solo album Friend Or Foe, reaching #33 in the UK and #66 in the U.S. The video is centered around a boxing ring.

Adam has entered the Billboard Hot 100 five times during his solo career, but with the Ants he failed to break America.

Friend Or Foe was a mad, but entertaining album that embraced Adam Ant's unusual musical style to the full. With its energetic drums, Goody Two Shoes was the highlight for me. However, some critics couldn't
  wait to slate the album, of course, as they often do with an artist who leaves a band to pursue a solo career. But does anyone give a damn what those talentless morons think anyway?


Adam Ant poster from Jackie magazine 1984

Adam Ant poster from Jackie magazine (1984)