Stand And Deliver was the first single to be taken from the band's last, but most successful album Prince Charming. This classic 80s tune topped the charts in the UK in 1981, and this imaginative song won the Ivor Novello "Songwriters Of The Year" award in 1982.

Two other singles from the album were to follow; Prince Charming (No.1 - UK) and Ant Rap (No.2 - UK).

The video features an early appearance by Amanda Donohue, who at the time was Adam's girlfriend. Adam Ant is dressed as a "dandy highwayman" - he proudly announces the fact in the lyrics to the song, which takes New Romanticism to a whole new level.

Stand and Deliver stayed at the top of the charts for an impressive five weeks.

Jackie Magazine Nov 1981 ft. Adam Ant



Adam Ant Stand and Deliver video screenshot