by Mark Nobes, chief editor

You can't beat a bit of Alice Cooper, especially at a Halloween party, and this song really rocks!

The second and final track to be lifted from the album Constrictor features as part of the soundtrack to the horror film Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.

Released as a single in 1987, surprisingly, this blistering rock song failed to chart anywhere except the UK where it reached #80. The B-side featured a live version of School's Out. On the 12" single, a live version of I'm Eighteen was also included.

Despite having no chart success with the two single releases, the Constrictor album was Alice Cooper's highest charting album for six years. The 1980 album Flush The Fashion reached #44 in the U.S. and #56 in the UK. Constrictor reached #59 in the U.S. and #41 in the UK.

Teenage Frankenstein vinyl single - Alice Cooper
Constrictor Japanese CD Album by Alice Cooper