If you remember playing the challenging Nintendo games back in the 80s, then you're going to thoroughly enjoy Alien Splatter.

It's a fantastically fun, action-packed platform shooter game which has been created in an 8-bit 1980s style - even the music soundtrack and the sound effects have an authentic 8-bit feel.

Sadly, the game won't run on a mobile, but it plays beautifully on a computer or tablet that supports flash. The game has been well-programmed and is very responsive. It's also a real challenge, so you'll need to have quick reactions.

Click the play button in the bottom right corner with your mouse. You'll then need to press enter to get started. Use your arrow keys to move around, the A key to fire your weapon and the S key to jump. You'll need to press the down arrow to collect power-ups and health boosters.


Alien Splatter screenshot