By Mark Nobes

"That Ole Devil Called Love" was originally released by Billie Holiday way back in the 1940s. This superbly performed, smoochy cover was Alison Moyet's fourth single release as a solo artist, and reached #2 in the UK during March 1985.

With Moyet having the perfect voice for such a jazzy number, the song was released as a non-album single and became an instant hit. It followed three Top 40 hit singles released from the singer-songwriter's debut album Alf. These were; "Love Resurrection" (#10), "All Cried Out" (#8) and "Invisible" (#21).

The track was penned by Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher. Moyet's cover was produced by Pete Wingfield.
Released on the CBS record label, the B-side featured the track "Don't Burn That Bridge Down". The 12 inch vinyl included a jazz version of the A-side featuring a sax solo by John Altman, which replaced moyet's voice for the first part of the song. You can listen to this further down this page.
Alison Moyet's musical career began at the age of 21 as a duo with Vince Clarke in the synthpop act Yazoo - known as Yaz in the U.S. In 1983 the duo went their separate ways, with Clarke forming The Assembly (with Eric Radcliffe) and then, of course, Erasure with Andy Bell. Moyet went on to pursue a successful solo career.
During the 1980s, the Essex-born singer found success with seven Top 40 singles and two multi-platinum selling albums, Alf and Raindancing.

Chart POsitions

Moyet's cover was a big hit in several countries, reaching No.1 in New Zealand (RIANZ chart), No.2 on the Irish Singles Chart, No.5 on the Dutch Top 50 chart (now the Single Top 100), No.6 on the Dutch Top 40 (a different chart), and No.10 in Belgium.
"That Ole Devil Called Love" entered the UK singles chart at No.11 on 10th March 1985, reaching No.2 the following week and remaining there for 2 weeks. It was kept off the top spot by the Philip Bailey and Phil Collins classic "Easy Lover", which also prevented Frankie Goes To Hollywood from grabbing a fourth consecutive No.1 with "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" on 31st March.


The video is classy, and the focus is mostly on Alison, who adds to the laid back vibe by lounging on a vintage sofa. There is also a cartoon devil flying around her, which is a clever and fun addition to what would otherwise have been an underwhelming production. 
That Ole Devil Called Love vinyl single ft. Alison Moyet (CBS Records BA 12120)


UK 7 Inch Vinyl - CBS - A 6044

A. "That Ole Devil Called Love" - 3:02

B. "Don't Burn Down The Bridge" - 3:55

UK 12 Inch Vinyl - CBS - TA 6044

A1. "That Ole Devil Called Love" - 3:03

A2. "That Ole Devil Called Love" (Jazz Version) - 3:03

B. "Don't Burn Down The Bridge" (Extended Version) - 6:33

UK Double 7 Inch Vinyl - CBS - DA 6044

A double 7" was released with the first record having the same track listing as the standard 7", and the second one including live versions of "That Ole Devil Called Love" and "Twisting The Knife".


The lyrics are about the effect love can have on you, and the devilish way in which it plays around with your emotions (we've all been there!), as in the line "He follows me around, builds me up, tears me down, 'til I'd be so bewildered, I wouldn't know what to do".