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Official Atari T-shirts

Atari themselves provide a whole range of shirts through their Amazon store. If you want to order your tee through a trusted supplier then Atari is a pretty safe bet.

Visit the Atari store at (U.S.)

Visit the Atari store at

You can see many more Retro Gaming T-shirt ideas here at

Founded in 1972, Atari was a pioneer of the video gaming industry, creating legendary games such as Pong, Asteroids and Missile Command, and also the highly successful 2600 console. The name lives on in 2017, of course, and what better way to pay homage to this retro gaming giant than with a T-shirt?

These tees are ideal for wearing to gaming events and conventions, 80s fancy dress or just wearing as a cool retro T-shirt. By far, the biggest range we have seen is at Amazon.

Atari T-shirts at

Atari T-shirts at

The range of tees available with the Atari logo on is actually huge, which proves that the demand for them is certainly still very strong indeed.

There is also a nice range of designs available at ebay where the prices are very competitive.

If you're looking for unique T-shirts (by independent artists) then try redbubble. Here you will find designs that can't be bought anywhere else. They also ship worldwide.

There are also many tees featuring old Atari games from the 80s.

Official Missile Command 80s Gamer T-shirt

Official Atari Missile Command T-shirt (UK)

Also available in the U.S.

This design is a recent arrival at Amazon and is produced by Atari themselves. Missile Command was one of my favourite games from the early 8-bit era, and as with many games from the 1980s, it was simple but highly addictive. This tee is also available at the U.S. Amazon, but is being sold by Trevco.

ET The Extra Terrestrial Atari Never Forget T-shirt

E.T. Atari Game Never Forget T-shirt

Indeed, who could forget one of the worst video games of all time? It would be easy to blame the programmer, but he had less than six weeks to produce the game in time for the Christmas. The result was a complete disaster for Atari, and helped to trigger the video game industry crash of 1983. This amusing T-shirt to commemorate the occasion is available from and is available for men and women in sizes from small to X-Large and a choice of colours.

Read more about E.T. the Video Game

Royal Blue Atari Circle Logo T-shirt

Royal Blue Circle Logo Shirt (UK)

This royal blue tee with circle logo certainly stands out from the crowd and would look great at any gaming event. It's available in adult sizes up to 2XL at Amazon UK (see link above) and in the U.S.

Vintage Atari Baseball Raglan Shirt

Faded Atari Logo Baseball Raglan Shirt (U.S.)

Baseball style shirts always look pretty cool and this one by Atari themselves is one of the best designs I've seen. It has a very authentic vintage style and is available for sizes Small to XX-Large. Now, for some reason they do not supply this design to the UK. However, a baseball design is supplied in two colours by Shirtshub, although it doesn't have the distressed/faded look.

Where retro gaming clothing is concerned, Atari T-shirts certainly remain my favourite choice, although that's probably because I grew up playing around with many different Atari consoles and home computers during the 80s and into the 90s - I really miss my 800XL.

Atari Pong 1970s Logo T-shirt for Men

Atari Pong Logo T-shirt (U.S.)

This Pong T-shirt by Ripple Junction featuring the original 1970s logo is a very cool and quirky idea and ideal if you're after something a little different. Pong was one of the earliest arcade games and was released by Atari into the arcades way back in 1972. I could not find this design on the UK Amazon store, but I have seen it on ebay among many other designs bassed on Pong.

See all Atari Pong T-shirts on ebay (UK, US, Canada, Australia)

Pong Star T-shirt by Atari

Pong Star T-shirt by Atari (US)

You may also like this official Atari design which is also available in the UK in sizes up to 5XL.

A great place to find original and uncommon T-shirt designs in They ship worldwide, and I have bought many 80s related Tees from there store, including a very cool Cafe 80s T-shirt from the Back To The Future movie.

This is just a small example of what is available. All tees are available for both Men and Women and come in a range of colours and sizes, and also different types of clothing including V necks, baseball shirts, sweatshirts etc.

View All Atari T-shirts at Redbubble

By the way, keep scrolling through the designs on their site as many of the best ones don't appear at the top of the first page.

I found this unique design at Etsy which has been highly rated by customers

You will find a range of brand new and vintage Atari Shirts at Etsy. Obviously, the vintage tees will be pretty expensive, but you will be wearing a very authentic item from the 1970s or 80s.

Here is my pick of favourite designs from the Amazon U.S. and UK stores...

Atari Men's Classic Colorful Logo T-Shirt, Royal, 4XLAtari Video Game Japanese Grid Mens T-Shirt Black (Large)Atari Video Game Retro Logo Vintage Gaming Console T Shirt & Stickers (X-Large)Atari Men's Logo Distressed T-Shirt, Red, X-LargeAtari Tempest Blue T-shirt Official Licensed GameAtari Centipede Blue T-shirt Official Licensed GameAtari Asteroids Grey T-shirt Official Licensed GameAtari T-Shirt -S- Anthracite, Legend Logo


This official Centipede T-shirt is really eye-catching. Unfortunately, it is not available at the U.S. store, although a similar design is available for kids by Ripple Junction

I hope you have found this page useful and that you will find a suitable design. You may also like our Retro Gaming T-shirts page which is in a convenient A-Z format.