Atari 80s Gaming T-shirts


Founded in 1972, Atari is a pioneer of the video gaming industry, creating legendary games such as Pong, Asteroids and Missile Command, and also the highly successful 2600 console. The name lives on in the 2020s, of course, and what better way to pay homage to this retro gaming giant than with a T-shirt?

These tees are ideal for wearing to gaming events and conventions, 80s fancy dress or just wearing as a cool retro T-shirt. By far, the biggest range we have seen is at Amazon.

Atari T-shirts at

Atari T-shirts at

Atari Logo T-shirts

What better way is there to pay homage to Atari than with a T-shirt featuring the iconic fuji logo? 


Atari 2600 T-shirts

For many people, the VCS / 2600 was their first ever experience of playing video games in their own home. After launching in 1977, the release of Taito's Space Invaders for the console helped to make Atari's takings soar to more than £2 billion in 1980.

Ladies Atari 2600 Logo T-shirt.Men's Blue Atari VCS/2600 Console Graphic T-shirt.Men's Official Atari 2600 Slim Fit T-shirt, S to XXLWomen's Official Atari 2600 T-shirt, S to XXLOfficial Atari 2600 Schematics Long Sleeved T-shirt, BlackMen's Official Atari Breakout 2600 Game Charcoal T-shirt, S to 5XlAtari 2600 Joystick Brown T-shirt for Men, S to XXLAtari VCS Console and Joysticks Graphic T-shirt, BlackOfficial Atari 2600 Logo and Joysticks T-shirt for WomenOfficial Atari 2600 Logo and Joysticks T-shirt for MenOfficial Atari 2600 Joysticks Vest Top for MenAtari 2600 Swish Logo Royal Blue T-shirt fpr Men


Atari Asteroids T-shirts

Launched in 1979, Asteroids became an instant hit, and was unique in that it featured wraparound gameplay, meaning that wherever the player left the screen they reappeared on the opposite side. 


Atari Asteroids Distressed Grey T-shirtOfficially Licensed Atari Asteroids T-shirtOfficial Men's Asteroids V Neck T-shirtWomen's Official Atari 2600 Asteroids T-shirtMen's Asteroids Black Long Sleeve T-shirt, official designAsteroids Deluxe T-shirt for LadiesMen's Atari Asteroids with Logo T-shirtAtari Asteroids in Logo Red Long Sleeve T-shirt for Men, S to XXLMen;s Asteroids Game Screen Black T-shirt, S to XXLNever Forget Atari Asteroids Black T-shirt for Adults and ChildMen's Asteroid Box Art T-shirtRed Atari Asteroids T-shirt


Atari Centipede T-shirts

First launched in 1981, Centipede was one of Atari's best known and most successful arcade games. Celebrate the iconic game with one of these stylish tees...

Green Atari Centipede Logo T-shirtOfficial Atari Centipede T-shirt8 Bit Centipede Gameplay T-shirt, BlackOfficially Licensed Centipede wrapped around Atari Logo T-shirtAtari Centipde Swat Team T-shirtWhite Atari Centipede T-shir for Men by DifuzedMen's Centipede Game Screen T-shirtWomen's Atari Centipede Game Screen T-shirtOfficial Men's Atari Centipede Art Green T-shirt, S to 3Xl


Atari Missile Command T-shirts

Nuclear war was on everyone's minds during the cold war period in the 80s. Missile Command saw the player defending a city from ballistic missiles. Celebrate one of the greatest games from the golden age of video games.

Men's Official Atari Missile Command T-shirt, BlackOfficial Atari Missile Command Black Vest Top for MenWomen's Atari Missile Command Missile Graphic Black T-shirtMen's Official Missile Command Long Sleeve Shirt. BlackOfficial Atari Missile Command T-shirt, BlueAtari Missile Command Blue T-shirt for LadiesAtari Missile Command Box Art T-shirt for Men, Blue


Atari Pong T-shirts

Just about everyone has heard of Pong. Based on table tennis, this was one of the earliest video games that was released by Atari in 1972. It's as basic as a game can get, but for many people, it was their very first experience of playing an electronic game on a screen.

Atari Pong Retro 70s Stripes T-shirtAtari Pong Never Forget T-shirtMen's Atari Pong Striped Logo T-shirt, WhitePong Game Screen Navy Blue T-shirtYellow Atari Pong T-shirt


Atari Tempest T-shirts

Tempest was released into the arcades in 1981 and became an instant classic. Highly rated by many reviewers, this groundbreaking game (Atari's first full colour vector game) thoroughly deserves to be remembered. Pay homage with one of these tees...


Mens Atari Tempest Box Art T-shirt, OfficialOfficially Licensed Kids Atari Tempest Box Art T-shirtAtari Tempest Women's Charcoal Grey T-shirt, juniors fitMen's Official Atari tempest T-shirtOfficial Atari Tempest Women's Black T-shirtAtari Tempest Long Sleeve T-shirt for MenAtari Tempest T-shirt for WomenAtari Tempest Kids T-shirt, Black


E.T. Video Game T-shirts

Who could forget one of the worst video games of all time? It would be easy to blame the programmer, but he had less than six weeks to produce the E.T. The Extra Terrestrial for the 2600 console in time for Christmas. The result was a complete disaster for Atari, and helped to trigger the video game industry crash of 1983.

E.T. Never Forget T-shirtET Video Game Believe T-shirt