by Mark Nobes, chief editor

"Heart Of Glass" was released in January 1979 as the third single from Blondie's third studio album Parallel Lines. The song topped the charts in a number of countries including the UK, U.S. and Canada. Other hit songs from the album were "Picture This", "Hanging On The Telephone", "Sunday Girl" and "One Way Or Another" which was not released in the UK.

Featuring a disco groove, "Heart Of Glass" was originally recorded as a demo in 1975. The song was written by Deborah Harry and Chris Stein and was originally entitled Once I Had Love
Blondie Heart Of Glass 12 Inch Vinyl
The majority of the video focuses on Deborah Harry and her band performing on stage on a club called Copa. However, it starts and ends with moving footage of the streets of New York at night. Debbie was told to not to dance as the cameras moved around her, which she was not best pleased about, apparently. I have to say, I always thought Debbie looked stunning in this video, and I prefer her with this slightly shorter. Than band are surrounded by colourful disco lights and mirror balls. Debbie's dress was designed by the American fashion designer Stephen Sprouse.

The demo version had a slower tempo and quite a funky edge to it, but still featured a disco beat. For the Parallel Lines album the song was given a more rock-orientated sound. However, its release didn't go down well with some critics and Blondie were accused of "selling out" as the band's roots were in the punk and new wave scene.

Indeed, the band's more underground punk sound was slowly being replaced with a more commercial sound with each new album release. By the time the fifth studio album, Autoamerican, was released in November 1980, the band were experimenting with a whole range of different musical styles including Jamaican ska, reggae, jazz and even rap!

Blondie - Heart Of Glass - Japanese Import


UK 7 inch vinyl - CHS 2275

A. "Heart Of Glass" - 4:12

B. "Rifle Range" - 3:37

UK 12 inch vinyl - CHS 12 2275

A. "Heart Of Glass" (Disco Version) - 5:50

B1. "Heart Of Glass" (Instrumental) - 5:17

B2. "Rifle Range" - 3:37

In 1995, a remix CD was released in the UK and US containing five versions of "Heart Of Glass"; Diddy's Adorable Edit, Diddy's Adorable Illusion Mix, Richie Jones Club Mix, MK 12" Mix, Original 12" Mix. 
Debbie Harry with Blondie singing