80s Blue Peter Annuals

by Mark Nobes, chief editor

Virtually every child in Britain will have received, or have read a friend's  Blue Peter Annual during the 80s. On this page, you'll find a photo of the cover from each Blue Peter Annual from 1980 to 1989, which I hope will rekindle some childhood memories. I must say, I'd completely forgotten about some of these presenters!

By the way, you will have noticed that I have also included a video clip from 1981 which features presenter Peter Duncan.
Blue Peter Annual 1980 - Sixteenth Book
Blue Peter Annual 1980 (Sixteenth Book)

Simon Groom and Goldie
Blue Peter Annual 1981 - Seventeenth Book
Blue Peter Annual 1981 (Seventeenth Book)

Simon Groom, Tina Heath and Christopher Wenner
Blue Peter Annual 1982 - Seventeenth Book
Blue Peter Annual 1982 (Eighteenth Book)

Sarah Greene and Goldie
Blue Peter Annual 1983 - nineteenth book
Blue Peter Annual 1983 (Nineteenth Book)

Peter Duncan, Sarah Greene, Simon Groom and Goldie
Blue Peter Annual 1984 Book 20
Blue Peter Annual 1984 (Book Twenty)

Simon Groom, Sarah Greene & Peter Duncan
Blue Peter Annual 1985 - Book Twenty-One
Blue Peter Annual 1985 (Book Twenty-One)

Peter Duncan, Janet Ellis & Simon Groom
Blue Peter Annual 1986 - Book Twenty Two
Blue Peter Annual 1986 (Book Twenty-Two)

Simon Groom, Janet Ellis & Michael Sundin
Blue Peter Annual 1987 - Book Twenty-Three
Blue Peter Annual 1987 (Book Twenty-Three)

Peter Duncan, Caron Keating, Janet Ellis & Mark Curry
Blue Peter Annual 1988 - Book Twenty Four 24
Blue Peter Annual 1988 (Book Twenty Four)

Yvette Fielding, Mark Curry & Caron Keating
Blue Peter Annual 1989 - Book 25
Blue Peter Annual 1989 (Book 25)

Yvette Fielding and Goldie

Peter Duncan

Peter began his career as a theatre actor, before appearing on numerous TV programmes including Play For Today, The Tomorrow People and Space 1999 - remember them? He also appeared nude in the 1975 film The Lifetaker, a decision that would come back to haunt him during this time at Blue Peter, with the red top newspapers sensationally claiming that he was a porn star.

Peter Duncan had a very active role at Blue Peter, and co-hosted the programme between 1980 and 1984 before taking a short break (he was replaced by Michael Sundin), and then co-presenting again between 1985 and 1986. He went on to star in his own spin-off show called Duncan Dares.

During the first half of the noughties, Peter took part in a travel documentary series with his family, which he produced himself.

More recently, Peter has appeared on the British TV shows Pointless and Total Wipeout, and like many actors and presenters from the 70s and 80s, also does a spot of pantomime.
Peter Duncan in Space 1999

Michael Sundin

Michael Sundin - Blue Peter Presenter

This guy experienced an even worse time with the tabloids than Peter Duncan.  Michael presented 77 episodes of Blue Peter between September 1984 and June 1985, However, a combination complaints from viewers parents about his sexuality and controversial photos appearing in the Daily Mirror (these, apparently, featured Sundin taking part in a "gay sex show" at the Hippodrome) led to a decision by the show's editor Biddy Baxter not to renew his contract.

Michael Sundin died in 1988 from an AIDS-related illness.