Written by Siobhan Fahey of Bananarama, this was the Scottish band's fourth single release, which became their first single to break into the Top 40, reaching #8.

However, Young At Heart did re-enter the charts in 1993 and reached #1 after the song was used in a Volkswagen commercial. The band briefly reformed just to perform the single again on Top Of The Pops.


Forevermore/Aim In Life (1982) did not chart
Cath/Will She Always Be Waiting (1982) reached #62
Sugar Bridge (It Will Stand) (1983) #72
I'm Falling (1984) #11
Young At Heart (1984) #8
Cath (1984 re-issue) #38
All I Am (Is Loving You) (1985) #58
Young At Heart (re-issue) (1993) #1

Chart positions are for the UK singles chart.

Young At Heart - The Bluebells - video screenshot

Video screenshot

The Bluebells - Young At Heart 1993 single sleeve


"I'm Falling" (1984)

I'm Falling entered the Top 40 of the UK singles chart (at #40) at the end of May 1984, and after The Bluebell's debut appearance on Top Of The Pops on BBC1, the single climbed the charts to peak at #11, giving the Scottish band their first hit single.

The band's career was short-lived, with just one full-length studio album (Sisters reached #22 in the UK album charts) and two more hit singles with Young At Heart (#8) and a re-issue of Cath - this originally failed to break the Top 40 - reaching #38.