1970S Nostalgia Books

Dig out your flares and take a trip back to your younger days. Rekindle hundreds of memories with these fascinating books about the 1970s, including memoirs, "Best of" and Factual. This was the decade of winter blackouts and summer drought, when the whole family watched the same TV shows, and your mum had a bubble perm.


Nice to See It, to See It, Nice by Brian Viner


Nice To See It, To See It, Nice

The 1970s In Front of the Telly

By Brian Viner

Paperback or hardcover

If you want to recall those fond memories of watching TV with the family back in the 70s, then this 320 page paperback is just for you. There were no games consoles, tablets or video recorders, of course, and this was a time when the whole family would enjoy watching such delights as Fawlty Towers, Porridge and The Generation Game. Packed with memories, this fascinating book will help you to refresh your memory of many long-forgotten TV shows.

a 1970s Childhood by Derek Tait


A 1970s Childhood

From Glam Rock to Happy Days

By Derek Tait

Paperback or Kindle

If you were growing up in the 70s, you will find memories galore in this deeply nostalgic book. Maybe you drank frothy Cresta Pop while watching Kojak on the TV, while you're Mum was either knitting or browsing through her Littlewoods catalogue. This is 194 pages of pure nostalgia.

Born in the 70s by Tim Glynne-Jones


Born in the 70s

By Tim Glynne-Jones


If you want a quick and easy read with plenty of glorious photos, then this is the book for you! Relive the decade of kipper ties, Carry On films and the three day week. Lavishly illustrated, you'll find plenty here to bring the memories flooding back. 

The 1970's Scrapbook by Robert Opie


The 1970s Scrapbook

By Robert Opie


If you like to view lots of nostalgic photos - the kind of stuff that would have been lying around the home of the average person back in the 70s - then this book will not disappoint. It's packed with memories and is one of those books you will come back to again and again. From Silver Jubilee mugs to a Crossroads Motel board game, they're all here!

Don't Tell My Mum!: Memories of a Confused Seventies Childhood by Alex Cotton


Don't Tell My Mum!

More Confusing Memories of a Seventies Childhood

By Alex Cotton

Paperback or Kindle

It is 1973, and we follow the author through the first day at high school, meeting stranger teachers than ever, eventful camping trips, teenage crushes on seventies pop stars and much more in this highly-rated memoir.

My 70's Book by Darryll Sherman


My '70s Book

The "When I was a kid..." book for the generation that grew up in the '70s

By Darrell Sherman


Whilst many kids today have their heads stuck in a virtual world, back in the 1970s, us youngsters had a more wholesome existence, exploring the real world that existed outside of our bedroom windows. Making camps/dens, climbing trees and shooting cap pistols are just a few of the many subjects covered in the eleven fascinating chapters of this memory-jogging gem. 

1970's Billericay Boy: Life Before Thailand by Peter Jaggs


1970's Billericay Boy

Life Before Thailand

By Peter Jaggs

Paperback or Kindle

This is a hilarious and sad memoir of the author's journey into manhood through the seventies. I can relate to many of the issues here such as bunking off school, falling in love for the first time, punch-ups, getting drunk at discos etc. Indeed, I probably did all of these in one day at some point! Another excellent read by the best-selling author.

When The Lights Went Out: Britain in the Seventies by Andy Beckett


When The Lights Went Out

What Really Happened to Britain in the Seventies

Paperback, hardcoveror Kindle

There is no doubt that the 1970s were probably the most important period in modern British political history. The strikes, shock election results, the winter of discontent, the three day working week, with much of this leading to the rise of Thatcher etc. This book sets out to discover what really happened and what it felt like to be living through what seemed like hell to many. Authentic and highly-rated, this enthralling book is essential reading.

Cream Teas, Traffic Jams and Sunburn. The Great British Holiday by Brian Viner


Cream Teas, Traffic Jams and Sunburn

The Great British Holiday

By Brian Viner

Paperback or Kindle

Relentless rain or raw sunburn, it was usually one or the other on a British summer holiday! This is a very amusing and engaging mix of memoirs, acute observations and ugly facts about how the British used to holiday back in the day, and not just in the 1970s.

A 1970s Teenager: From Bell-Bottoms to Disco Dancing by Webb


A 1970s Teenager

From Bell-Bottoms to Disco Dancing

Paperback or Kindle

By Simon Webb

Simon Webb rewinds to a time when there were no smart phones, tablets or affordable home computers. He discusses what it was like to grow-up in a very eventful and sometimes bewildering decade, with subjects across 16 chapters including fads and fashions, music, hobbies and TV programmes. This 224 page book is a fascinating read, and one that you will want to dip into time and time again.

1976 Teen by Julie Pickford (ebook)


1976 Teen

By Julie Pickford

Kindle Edition only

Transport yourself back to a time when computers were the size of a house and tablets were in a bottle. "As 1976 dawns I am sixteen, still at school, living with my parents and younger brother and sister in a vaguely disorganised 1920s house in the home counties." 

Where Did It All Go Right?: Growing Up Normal in the 70s by Andrew Collins


Where Did It All Go Right?

Growing Up Normal in the 70s

By Andrew Collins

Paperback, Kindle, Audio CD

In this light-hearted nostalgia fest you can read about someone who actually had a very happy childhood. His parents didn't split up, neither of them were alcoholics and he wasn't abused. It's actually very refreshing and uplifting to hear from someone who had an unashamedly "normal" childhood with domestic harmony and happy holidays - a book to lift the mood - and why not?

British and European Trucks of the 1970s by Colin Peck


British and European Trucks of the 1970s

Those were the days...

By Colin Peck

Paperback or Kindle edition

The 1970s experienced huge changes in the trucking industry and this book cover a unique and turbulent decade for British truck manufacturers. Featuring some excellent photos, this book is written by a knowledgeable author who has experience in 70s transport management and was a freelance correspondent to trucking magazines.