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Take a trip back to one of the most exciting and colourful decades for fashion. This page features an interesting range of paperbacks and hardcover books dedicated to fashion in the 80s. a time of self-expression and individuality.
A person's choice of clothing in this unique decade was about more than just looking good, it was about making a statement, and it was a time of self-expression and individuality.
Whether you were rocking a mullet, acid-wash jeans, or a head-to-toe neon ensemble, your eighties fashion choices said something about who you were and what you were into.

1980s Fashion Sticker Book


1980s Fashion Sticker Book (paperback)

by Laura Cowen

Travel back in time to the eighties with this stylish and fun sticker book for all ages. Themes include shoulder pads, spandex, new romanticism, ravers and more! 

Totally Bodacious 80s Adult Coloring Book


Totally Bodacious 80s Adult Colouring Book (paperback)

by ZenMaster Coloring Books

Relax (Don't do it!) and step back to the 80s with this stylish colouring book. Enjoy reliving a time when cassette tapes and big hair were the norm, and when everyone went crazy for the Rubik's Cube.

1980s Fashion Print Book by Marnie Fogg


1980s Fashion Print: A Sourcebook (paperback)

by Marnie Fogg

Enjoy browsing through hundreds of original fashion design prints from the 80s. Includes lots of exclusive artwork and illustrations. This is a great source of inspiration for contemporary designers and students.

80s Fashion: From Club to Catwalk. By Sonet Stanfill


80s Fashion (paperback)

by Sonnet Standfill

A fascinating and highly-rated book that delves into the diverse range of clothing styles that dominated the 1980s. Packed with striking photos and archive material, and written by a fashion expert.

As Seen in BLITZ: Fashioning '80s Style by Iain R. Webb


As Seen in Blitz... Fashioning 80s Style (hardcover)

by Iain R. Webb

Described as 'A volume for the real connoisseur of both fashion and independent publishing' by The Independent, this 272 page hardback features over 100 stories from Blitz magazine with lots of previously-unseen archive content.

80s Fashion For Men and Women: Clothes To Create Your 80s Fashion Look by Alexis Dickinson


80s Fashion for Men and Women - Clothes to Create Your 80s Fashion Look (paperback)

by Alexis Dickinson

If you're planning an 80s party, or you have been invited to one, then this book is for you! Features many themes and styles together in one place, making this book a handy resource for creating an authentic party outfit.

Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed the 1980s by Paula Reed


Fifty Fashion Looks That Changed The 1980s (hardcover)

by Paula Reed

Princess Diana, Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, Katherine Hamnett and the Dynasty women are just a few of the many fashion icons that feature in this entertaining and informative book which also features a collection of fabulous photos from the great decade.

100 Years of Fashion by Cally Blackman


100 Years of Fashion (hardcover)

by Cally Blackman

The last hundred or so years bore witness to the transformation of womens fashion. Featuring 400 photos and beautiful illustrations, this massive, 400 page hardback covers just about every fashion fad that has existed in the past 100 years. Covers the icons, materials, styles anf trends.