bros "Too Much"

by Mark Nobes, chief editor

I have to admit that I was never a fan of Bros, but I did actually quite like "Too Much", particularly the strong drum track, although I thought it was Michael Jackson singing (Matt sounds so much like him in this song) when I first heard it on Radio! Now, that's spooky, because the video was directed by Colin Chivers, who also directed Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video. 
Talking of the video, it's centered around the boys performing to fans on stage, with Matt walking into the audience of mainly screaming girls. However, there are some extra scenes with the duo taking a ride in a helicopter and in a red Porsche. We also see luke in a red shirt with a pretty blonde girl. It certainly seems like they had a thoroughly good time making the video!
"Too Much" was released as the lead single from the duo's second album The Time, and became the sicth consecutive single to reach the UK top 5, although it would also be the last to do so.
The single entered the UK singles chart at No.2 on 23rd July 1989, and was held off the top spot by Sonia with "You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You". Bros fell back to No.4 the following week after facing tough competition from Jive Bunny at No.1 with "Swing The Mood" and Kylie entering at No.2 with "Wouldn't Change A Thing".
"Too Much" was a chart topper on the Irish Singles Chart and also reached No.3 on the Danish IFPI chart, and No.6 on New Zealand's main pop chart.
The song was penned by Matt and Luke Goss, and also by Nicky Graham, who composed all of the songs for the duo's debut album Push. He also played keyboard for David Bowie in the 70s.
The B-side featured a new track entitled "Astrologically". The 12 inch vinyl and CD single also included an extended version of "Too Much".
Bros as a duo were never as successful as when they were with Craig Logan, and their popularity slowly waned after this single. The follow-up "Chocolate Box" scraped into the top 10 (peaking at No.9), but it would be the last Bros song to do so.
There were three seperate vinyl sleeves made available which you can view below...
Too Much vinyl sleeve (7