By Mark Nobes

"You can't beat a bit of Bully!" We all remember Bullseye with the legendary Jim Bowen don't we? 

It is now remembered as an iconic 80s gameshow, and is often repeated on channels such as Challenge on Freeview, which means you'll be instantly recognisable in the costume above. Just about anyone who lived through the 1980s remembers bully walking across the screen with his thumb up and giving out a loud "moo"!

This low-cost outfit includes an official Bully mask and the red and white striped shirt, and it would look great at an 80s themed party or event. You will remember that Bully had quite a belly on him, so I would suggest using a cushion or pillow to create his paunch, unless, like me, you already have one, of course! 

If you're looking for a novel fancy dress idea for a couple, then one of you could also go as a dartboard, or as Tony Green or Jim Bowen using a low-cost face mask (see below)...

Dressed as a dartboard you would be, of course, Bully's perfect companion!

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