CHRIS REA "The Road To Hell" (1989)

The Road To Hell was the title track from Chris Rea's most successful studio album which achieved 6x Platinum status in the UK. The single reached #10, but Rea was much more successful with album sales and released eight studio albums in the 80s.

The lyrics refer to Rea's traffic jam troubles on the M25 motorway, and his frustration at not being able to use the accelerator in his racing car. I adore the piano riff in this track, and many of Rea's finest songs can be found on The Road To Hell album which has aged incredibly well.

Chris Rea - The Road To Hell Poster



The catchy 80's tune Let's Dance peaked at #12 in the UK singles chart in 1987, but only managed #81 in the United States. 

A very uplifting tune that will put you in a good mood before going on a night out.

Chris Rea - Let's Dance Vinyl Single Sleeve


Chris Rea in concert


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