On this page you will find a whole array of old-fashioned toys, including the classic wooden and metal toys from your grandparents childhood - the picture links will take you straight to Amazon UK, should you wish to buy any of them.

Some of these date back as far as the 19th century -
Newton's Cradle (pictured right) dates back to the 18th century - whilst others were popular in the 50s and 60s, such as the tin robot and rocket. However, I remember many of these games and toys still being very popular when I was a young lad in the 70s.

The plasticine and marbles were definitely part of my 70s childhood, and I remember being amazed as I watched a friends slinky walk down the staircase! is a particpant in the Amazon Associates advertising program. This enables us to earn fees as an affiliate from links to items at



Traditional Wooden Solitaire Marbles Game
When you were fed up with playing marbles you could always use them for a game of Solitaire. The wooden boards are just so much better than the modern, plastic ones, and also make for a high quality gift. I certainly remember playing solitaire back in the day, and there are dozens of traditional wooden games available to buy through the link above. The actual game featured in the picture above features hand made marbles.


Rubber Band Shooter
Toys don't get much simpler than this do they? Made out of good, old-fashioned wood, and carved in the shape of a pistol,  the idea is simple, shoot rubber bands at the girls in the school playground!


Hammer Bench
Well, we all liked to bash things when were were toddler's, although it was usually something we shouldn't have been bashing such as dad's head! To the rescue comes the wooden hammer bench. The bright colours are really attractive to kids, and it's great to let them loose with one of these, as they can bash away to their heart's content. 


Wooden Tiddly Winks Game
Tiddly Winks

This is an age old game and the original version was very popular in the 1890's. The above game includes a lovingly crafted wooden tray which can be used to store the counters and play the game on. A low-cost, but well-made vintage game.


Old Maid Card Game

This traditional card game dates from the Victorian times, and the version above has been reproduced from a 1905 version. The cards feature beautiful illustrations, and this is a game that all the family can play. A nice gift idea.


Traditional Bike Horn
Nothing quite beats the sound of an old-fashioned bike hooter, and I used to have one of these on my racing bike back in the 70s. The classic design is great fun, and this is an ideal gift for bike lovers of all ages.


Wire Puzzles
Cheap versions of these puzzles are sometimes included inside Christmas crackers. But this retro-design box includes 12 challenging puzzles that'll provide hours of frustration! A nice retro gift idea for kids and adults alike.


This is one of those nostalgic gifts that you order for someone, but find that you want to keep for yourself! The psychedelic patterns are fascinating even to adults, and this is one of those toys that you can buy for just about any age group.



Blow Football

This has been a family favourite for many generations, and this version of the game is based on an early 1900s original game. Features metal goals with goalkeepers, six blow tubes and foam balls. However, the link below will lead you to a choice of blow football games.


Newton's Cradle toy
Newton's Cradle
We used to have one of these in the Physical Science classroom at secondary school, and it taught us about the laws of momentum and energy. Hmm, supposedly, but I'm not sure that the laws of physics really sunk in to many of us! It's a fascinating device to watch, nonetheless, and this was also a classic executive toy which graced the offices of many YUPPIES back in the 80s.


Wooden Trapeze Toy

Now this is a very traditional and fun toy. Watch the clown tumble down the two poles when you push them together at the bottom.


Snakes & Ladders / Ludo
This double-sided board game is receiving very good reviews at Amazon, and features the two classic board games that we all, no doubt, played as kids. Snakes and Ladders actually originated in India in ancient times and is now known worldwide. Ludo also has its roots in India, and is based on the game Pachisi from the 6th century. Apparently, the Ludo board game was invented in 1896.


Traditional Metal Jacks
In this game of skill you must firstly throw the jacks across the ground. Then throw the ball in the air and try to grab one of the jacks and the ball before it hits the ground. Throw the ball again and then try to grab two jacks and the ball, then three jacks and so on. Can you grab all the jacks and the ball? A very addictive little game, and one I remember playing many, many years ago!


Retro Flying Model Plane
So who remembers playing with one of these? This retro-style, replica flying model aeroplane kit requires no extra tools or glue, and the plane included is a Swordfish Mk1. It comes in a replica box which looks just like the original toy.


Magnetic Fish Pond
Ah yes! I remember playing with one of these back in the 70s, and it's a great game to play with friends and family. Again, a very simple game but it brought lots of pleasure.


Retro Beetle
1950's Family Dice Game

A very simple, but highly addictive and intense game that has provided hours of entertainment to families for over half a century. Each number of the dice represents a body part, and the object of the game is to build your beetle before everyone else.
Magnetic 3D Pin Art
Remember having one of these back in the day? The beauty of this is that whatever art form you create can be displayed until you get bored with it, then you can simply create something else. You can use parts of your body (no, not that part!) or objects around the home to push into the pins to create almost endless shapes - genius!


Lava Lamp
If you lived through the swinging sixties then you probably had one of these. Fascinating to watch, this 60s classic is available today in all sorts of groovy colours. The oroginal lava lamp was launched in 1963.


Yo-yo with Light and Sound
Yo-yos were first made popular in the 1920's, and made a comeback during the 1970's. The Ridley's yo-yo comes in a vintage style box, and has flashing lights and sound,


Magic Fortune Teller Fish
Young children always find these fascinating, and even in modern times, this cheap and cheerful retro toy from the past is still a big hit. Another great party bag filler, too.
Back in the day this was marketed as a "scientific toy", and parents flocked to buy it in the hope it would teach some basic physics to their youngsters. Of course, most kids just saw it as a fun toy and  I received one back in the early 80s and never thought once about science when playing with it! Nonetheless, it's an iconic toy and ideal as a stocking filler/extra gift.


Vintage Ludo Board Game
Do you remember sitting down together as a family playing Ludo? This version has a real vintage feel to it and why not relive your childhood with your own little ones by playing this fun board game once again!


Surely just about every kid has played with marbles at some point in their lives. Definitely a schoolyard favourite, although nobody was quite sure about the exact rules of the game, that is, if there were any? The idea of the game at our school, at least, was to try and win your opponents marble by rolling your own marbles along the ground and hitting it a set number of times. Some kids decided to bring in ball bearings from the local scrapyard, and you would have to hit them an impossible number of times in order to win! Clear, cat's eye marbles were the most popular, although there were also the luxurious-looking Chinese marbles, although I preferred the clear ones myself.


Wooden Trike
This was the first experience of travel on wheels for many of us, and a sturdy, colourful, wooden tricycle is ideal for toddlers. The one above has an old-fashioned quality that is difficult to find these days, and has been receiving mainly rave reviews by customers.


Jack In The Box

Simply turn the handle and up pops Jack! It also plays a melody, and this is one of those simple, old-fashioned toys that is almost guaranteed to put a smile on a child's face. The original, tin Jack-in-the-Box toys featured a jester or a clown, although they now come in many varieties.


Wind-Up Robot
Sparking tin robots were all the rage back in the 1950s and 60s, when people were watching exciting, new sci-fi movies such as Forbidden Planet, which featured the legendary Robby the robot (the red toy robot above is based on him). This was also the beginning of the space age, and little boys were going robot and spaceship crazy! There are lots of retro-style robots available, and they would make a wonderful gift for anyone who remembers this exciting time. Please note that many of these are collectible items, and not children's toys as, just like the originals, they do not comply with modern toy safety legislation due to all the sparks!


Metal Humming Top


Tin Winding Music Box
A classic and timeless toy that is still fascinating to little ones today. When they wind the handle they can listen to a delightful tune.


Metal Spud Gun
Ah yes! I certainly remember playing with a spud guns back in my 70s childhood. As long as you have a potato lying around you can have endless firing fun. This gun can also be used as a water pistol, and will fire pellets, too. Young boys will love it!


Original Slinky Toy

This helical spring can perform tricks, and I remember watching my friends slinky walk down the stairs back in the 70s. It uses a clever combination of momentum and gravity and was invented back in the 1940s by Richard Thompson James, a naval engineer.


Just about everyone has played with this colourful modelling clay at some point in their childhood. Kids can use their own imagination to make endless creations. Plasticine was actually invented in 1897, and its still highly popular 116 years later!


Wooden Abacus
This wooden "calculator" has been around for many centuries, and is still an extremely useful tool today for helping kids develop counting and maths skills. Old fashioned it may be, but it still works! There are lots to choose from, but the one above is particularly highly-rated by customers for its quality construction.


Retro Rocket Carousel Tin Toy
This is a traditional style wind-up tin toy that is based on an old-fashioned fairground ride. It's fascinating to watch as it spins around.


Balloon Modelling Kit
Now, kids just love playing around with balloons, especially the modelling variety which can be twisted into all sorts of amazing shapes. These balloons are wonderful for allowing children to use their imagination and creative abilities, and they're having lots of fun in the process.


The Amazing Magic Robot Game
Another brilliant replica game from the 50s. Needs no power source, and uses a simple mechanism that makes the robot magically point to the correct answers.


Wooden Flexi Robot Toy
Wooden Flexi Robot
I had something similar to this as a child. An elasticated cord joins the retro robot's arms, legs and head to his torso so you can place him in lots of funny positions! A fun retro toy that needs no batteries.


Mr Potato Head
This classic face-changing toy has amused many generations of kids, and the original toy was launched by Hasbro in 1952. I had one back in the 70s, and I loved it! Mr. Potato Head appeared on TV for the first time in the 80s TV series Potato Head Kids.


Whoopee Cushion
There was always some bright spark at primary school with one of these trying to catch you out! Great retro, farting fun, and an ideal party bag or stocking filler.