CLASSIC NOUVEAUX - Songs and Albums

By Mark Nobes

This English 80s New Wave band Classix Nouveaux only managed to achieve one Top 40 hit single in the UK with "Is It A Dream?", which reached #11 in April 1982, making them an official 80s one hit wonder. The song was taken from the band's second studio album La Verite, which was also released in April of the same year. 

Like the album, the follow-up single Because You're Young also failed to reach the Top 40 in the UK, peaking at only #43. 

Overall, the band released eleven singles during the 1980's, four of which made it into the Top 50, but failed to break into the Top 40.

Lead singer Sal Solo wrote or co-wrote the majority of the band's songs, alongside Mik Sweeney. 

After forming in 1989, the band released their debut single on their own ESP label "The Robots Dance", which reached #27 on the UK Indie chart.

"Never Again (The Days Time Erased)"

Although the lead single from La Verité stalled at #44 in the UK, the song is one of the band's biggest hits elsewhere, reaching #1 in Portugal, #3 in Poland, #13 in Spain and Finland, and #19 in Sweden.

"Is It A Dream?"

The band's seventh single reached #11 in the official UK singles chart, #11 on the Kent Music Report in Australia, #3 on Iceland's DV chart and #9 on Portugal's main music chart. The song was the second single from the band's second studio album La Verité, and featured as track 2 on side one.
In his bizarre but brief review of the song for Smash Hits magazine (4-17 March 1982), Neil Tennant wrote "Is it a bird?, Is it a plane?, Is it a dream?, Is it a hit?, Is it any good? No, no, no, no, yes. Does it matter?"
The song broke into the UK Top 40 (at #36) just a few days after the band had performed live on the late night TV show OTT, which was an adult spin-off from TISWAS presented by Chris Tarrant and Lenny Henry.
La Verite - cassette album

Night People

The band's debut album was released in May 1981, reaching No.66 in the UK album charts. It contained the three singles "Guilty" (#43), "Tokyo" (#67) and "Inside Out" (#45). Chart positions shown in brackets are for the UK.

Night People


La vérité

The band's second studio album was released in April 1982, reaching No.44 in the UK. It contained the singles "Never Again (The Day Time Erased)" (#44), "Is It A Dream" (#11) and "Because You're Young" (#43).
La Verite - vinyl LP sleeve front featuring Classix Nouveaux


Classix Nouveaux's third and final album was released in November 1983, but did not chart. The two singles "Forever and a Day" and "Never Never Comes" also failed to chart.
Secret by Classix Nouveaux


Released on 26th October 1981, this was the band's sixth single release (a non-album single) and just failed to hit the Top 40, peaking at #44 in the UK.  However, it did reach #1 in Portugal and the next single release was Is It a Dream, giving the band their first (and last!) chart success in their home country of Great Britain.

Classix Nouveaux Is It A Dream vinyl single
The band split-up in 1985, by which time their lead singer Sal Solo was already embarking on a solo career. He had one hit single "San Damiano" which reached No.15 in the UK, and released the album Heart and Soul.