Cliff Richard - Saviour's Day (1990)

Personally, I prefer this song to Mistletoe & Wine, and it's the flute (not sure whether it's a real or synthesized flute?) that does it for me! Unlike Cliff's previous and aforementioned Christmas hit which was penned in the summer months, this one was written in October 1989 by singer/songwriter Chris Eaton who also provided the backing vocals on Roger Daltrey's 1987 solo album Can't Wait To See The Movie

However, the video was shot before this on a warm and sunny September day, so, once again, it would have been pretty difficult to get into the festive spirit, and everyone must have been pretty hot wearing all of that winter gear!

By the way, check out the nonce at 3:43 who is trying to imitate cliff with his long overcoat and swaying arms.

The location for the video was the limestone arch at Durdle Door in Dorset on the Jurassic coast, where, incidentally, Tears For Fears also shot their Shout Video in 1984.

Saviour's Day entered the UK charts at #6 on 8th September and gradually climbed to the top spot on the 29th, becoming the official Christmas No.1 for 1990. Vanilla Ice had been on the top spot with Ice Ice Baby the previous week, and, I suspect, he was rather miffed by losing the prestigious top spot to Cliff. However, by 19th January Cliff's festive tune had already left the Top 40, falling to #53.

Cliff Richard - Saviour's Day (1990) Christmas No.1