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Collapse Blast! is a new HTML5 game works on all devices and is loosely based on Tetris. However, this game is simpler to play, but just as hard to master. Rather than shapes falling from the top of the screen, lines of randomly coloured squares/blocks appear at the bottom of the screen and slowly move upwards. If they reach the top of the screen then the game is over.
The player's mission is to select areas with three or more blocks of the same colour that are grouped together, in order to clear them. You should also watch out for the clocks which give you extra time and the bombs which will clear a bigger area. There is a timer countdown in each round - score as many points as you can!
Instructions: Use your finger or the mouse pointer and left button to select an area of blocks to clear. If there are less than 3 blocks of the same colour then nothing will happen.
Collapse Blast Online Game screenshot