80s Skater Girl Collage


Neon 80s disco girl in hot pants

Neon 80s Roller Disco Girl UK

80s fashion and music fads came and went in the blink of any eye, as did the demand for roller skates, skateboards and BMX bikes. Roller discos arrived here in Great Britain in 1984, and the idea was imported from the U.S., where they had been erecting roller discos during the late 70s and early 80s disco craze.

This 80s skater girl costume (above) can also be used for a workout look, and consists of a shiny blue jacket, pink boob tube and yellow shorts with green detailing and side slits. However, the outfit does not include the necklace, bangles, wig, fishnet gloves, net tights, roller skates and leggings, but these can easily be purchased separately, and this gives you the opportunity to create a more individualistic style.

Create your own 80s Skater Girl Costume

It's relatively easy to create your own look. Let's start with those retro shorts. There are plenty available at Amazon and here are some great ideas;

Retro shorts (U.S.)

You will find a very decent range of shorts at Amazon by using the search terms 80s Shorts and Retro Shorts and the prices won't break the bank.

Dolphin shorts were very popular in the 80s. They were made from nylon with contrasting binding, side slits, and rounded corners. Shorts with a drawstring became popular, too. Paint splatter designs were also popular.

Shorts can be worn with leggings, tights and leg warmers. You can also use rainbow socks and sports/tube socks. 

Retro Roller Skates

Retro Roller Skates (UK)

If you want to go for the full roller skater style then you'll need to splash out on some retro-style skates, unless you already have some, of course! Okay, they're not cheap, and maybe too expensive for a fancy dress look, but if you actually go skating in your spare time then you'll get good value out of them, and you will also own a pretty cool-looking set of retro skates.

Retro Roller Skates at Amazon.com

If you're in the UK, then Skatehut have quite a wide variery of retro roller skates and the prices are very competitive.

Hi top trainers are a more cost effective alternative...

Ladies Flat Canvas Hi-Top Retro Pumps

These trainers are available at the UK Amazon and are very reminiscent of the Converse Chuck-Taylor hi-tops that were very fashionable back in the 80s, but cost a lot less, which makes them ideal for fancy dress purposes. They're available in sizes 3-9 for Adults.

If you decide to opt for legwarmers then you may want to add leggings or tights or/and a leotard.

The skater girl at the top of our page is wearing neon fishnet tights which can be worn with legwarmers. However, if you opt for tube socks then you will not need tights or leggings. Here are some more ideas...

80s Roller Disco Tops

The jacket that comes with the complete costume at the top of this page is impossible to find separately. However, there are many easy-to-find items you can use.

You could add a 1980s style T-shirt or vest/tank top for a simple, but very effective look. T-shirts and sweatshirts were oversized and sometimes worn off one shoulder. Bright, neon colours were also popular.

This drawstring top (UK only) is a very popular choice on our T-shirts pages and highly-rated by customers.

Neon Pink 80s Fishnet Top

Mesh tops were popularised by pop stars such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. These are ideal for creating a 1980s style and can be worn over vest tops, crop tops, sports bras or leotards.

Ladies Strappy Camisole Vest/Tank Top

The easiest and cheapest option is to opt for a simple black sleeveless top. This can be particularly effective if you add a neon mesh top and other neon accessories.

Other useful items you may like for creating a roller disco look...

I hope you have found this post useful and have fun creating your 80s skater girl outfit.

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