Cyndi Lauper 80s Costume for Women

Firstly, I would like to draw your attention to an 80s outfit that has become very popular in recent times, and is highly rated by customers. The costume (above) is being sold by Emma's Wardrobe on Amazon and includes a black top, black and purple skirt, orange belt and a headband. It is made from durable materials and has the feel of a high quality outfit. It is jjust perfect for a Cyndi Lauper or general 80s style and, of course, for girls who just wanna have fun!

The outfit is available in four sizes from 8 to 14. Many costumes (especially tutu skirts) for 80s dress-up are rather short and expose a lot of leg. This outfit is still short, but is a little longer than many of the tutu skirts around which barely cover your bum cheeks!

1980s Pink Bow Headband

Pink Bow Headband (included)

As I mentioned, the reviews are pretty positive, so go and check out the costume for yourself using the following link...

Cyndi Lauper 80s Dress for women

Cyndi Lauper Costume from Club Corsets

I also found the same outfit being sold by Club Corsets on Amazon's UK store. As I write, the price is cheaper, but this could change at any time, of course.


You may wish to add further accessories to your outfit to further enhance the look. I would suggest adding multi-coloured, beaded necklaces and a stack of black or black and mixed coloured bracelets/bangles on one or both arms, depending on your budget. Also add black fishnet gloves.

Beaded Necklaces with Bracelets (UK)

The easiest and most cost effective way to add a stack of bracelets to your arm is to buy gummy bands which are also called jelly bracelets. You can use black jelly bracelets or a mix of black and neon colours.

1980s jelly bracelets

1980s style Jelly Bracelets

Black Lace Gloves, Fingerless

Add these fingerless lace gloves to complete your look.

Use the following searches to see everything available;

80s Accessories at Amazon UK

You will find a wide range of 80s costume ideas here;

80s Costume Ideas for Women UK

Whatever you do, have fun - Sara.

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