By Hannah Johnson
Cyndi Lauper was, of course, one of the most popular singers during  the 1980s. She is known for her distinctive voice and her many hits, such as "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and "Time After Time." 
Cyndi Lauper's fashion style was all about colour and fun, and this often included beads and chains. She was known for her eccentric style, which often included mismatched colours and patterns. Lauper was also known for her signature look of flame-coloured hair with colourful make-up and accessories, such as beaded necklaces, body chains and bracelets. This helped to make her stand out from the crowd and served as a reflection of her personality. Lauper was not afraid to experiment with her look, and this was one of the things that made her so popular.
So for this page, I will be focusing on fancy dress costumes that you can buy to recreate her look and show your own "true colors".
Cyndi nLauper 80s Dress, purple and black layers with a neon orange belt

Unfortunately, this dress is no longer being manufactured, but please check out these alternative costumes below.

This next outfit really does capture the look of Cyndi in the 80s. Although it only comes in a small size, customers have commented that it is much larger than expected.
Cyndi Lauper dress, wig, beads necklaces, pink fishnet top and flame coloured wig
Included is a black dress with a sweetheart neckline and colourful ruffles on the hem. It comes with a pink fishnet top and a matching belt. However, please note that the wig, fishnet gloves and beaded necklaces are not included.
My first choice certainly looks very 80s and has Cyndi vibes, and it includes the black and pink dress, green lacey top and pink hair bow. However, none of the other accessories are included. There are four size choices from 8 to 18.
I recommend adding these long, fingerless mesh gloves and necklaces...
A great alternative choice is this very 80s Diva outfit by Rubie's. This one comes complete with accessories, and includes the dress, leggings, gloves, bracelet, chain, belt, headpiece and anklet. 
But wait! I still have some more great choices for you below...
Whichever outfit you choose may be down to your budget or your preferred look, but I hope you have found my picks useful.
You may wish to add further accessories to your outfit to further enhance the look. It was all about the jewellery and chains with Cyndi, and without it, your costume is never going to look complete, so I would suggest adding multi-coloured, beaded necklaces and a stack of black or black and mixed coloured bracelets/bangles on one or both arms, depending on your budget.
Bracelets can add significantly to your budget, but these low cost jelly bracelets are just great for a adding to your Cyndi Lauper costume. On the vinyl sleeve of her "Time After Time" single, Cyndi is wearing a combination of thin, black bracelets and punk-influenced silver chain bracelets. She also often wore beaded bracelets.

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Whatever you do, have fun - Hannah.