By Mark Nobes

This page features a superb gallery of David Bowie pictures. Many are from the Getty Images archive which you can embed on your own blog or website. Other photos that are not from Getty Images can be shared on your favourite social network, such as Pinterest or Facebook. Enjoy...
David Bowie - Underground (picture disc) - single from the Labyrinth movie soundtrack
This 7" picture disc for the single Underground was released during the summer of 1986. The song featured on the soundtrack to the fantasy adventure film Labyrinth (which starred David Bowie) and reached #21 in the UK charts. The track was pretty experimental with a combination of synths, blues and gospel. You can watch the video at the top of this page.
David Bowie standing behind a wire fence in 1984

David Bowie - Smash Hits poster from Dec 1984

NME 29th September 1984 ft. David Bowie

Bowie on the cover on NME Sept 29th 1984

Bowie and Paul McCartney on 13th July 1985
David Bowie front cover of record Mirror Nov 1st 1975

Record Mirror Nov 1st 1975

David Bowie and Cher 1975
David Bowie with Cher in 1975. Photo by CBS Television [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Bowie in Chile during the Sound+Vision Tour, 1990 - public domain image

Bowie in Chile during the Sound + Vision Tour 1990 - public domain image (free to re-use)

David Bowie performing on stage at The Forum (USA) on his Serious Moonlight Tour on 1st August 1983.
1st Jan 1985 - two legends together - Bowie with Tina Turner
Ashes To Ashes Disco 12

The 12" disco remix of the No.1 single from 1980 Ashes To Ashes. The B-side features a special 12 inch mix of Alabama Song.

David Bowie performing on stage on 19th June 1987 at Wembley Stadium on his Glass Spider Tour.

David Bowie - The Face - October 1984

The Face Oct 1984 ft. Bowie from his Blue Jean video

1st January 1984. Mick Jagger with his girlfriend Jerry Hall (who was a fashion model at the time) and, of course, David Bowie.

Photo taken on 30th March 1987 in Amsterdam during a press conference

18th March 1987 - from the Peter Carrette Archive Collection