For this post, I have gathered together the very best David Bowie T-shirt designs and placed them here on one page. Show your love for one of the best known rock stars in the world, who left us all too soon on 10th January 2016.  

Firstly, I can highly recommend viewing the Bowie shirts on Etsy, where you'll discover many unique and hand-printed designs, and the prices are actually a lot cheaper than you would imagine them to be - prices start at £7.99, as I write!
David Bowie Smoking T-shirt

Bowie Smoking T-shirt

The Bowie Smoking T-shirt is the most popular design on the web, and available from dozens of online stores. However, the cheapest supplier I've seen is on Amazon. The tee is highly rated by customers and available in a full range of sizes from small to XXX-large. 
David Bowie Smoking Black T-shirt

Ziggy Stardust Album T-shirt

This album sleeve photo was taken by Mick Rock, who became known for his iconic photos of pop and rock stars during the 1970s. The location is outside K. West Furriers at 23 Heddon Street in London. This official The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album sleeve T-shirt is receiving rave reviews, and is available for sizes small to 3XL. Be warned that it's a slim fit, so not ideal if you need to cover your middle-aged spread, like myself!
Labyrinth Movie Poster T-shirt

Labyrinth Poster T-shirt

What an imaginative film this was, and despite being a disappointment at the box office, the movie has since gained a cult following. Bowie, of course, played Jareth the Goblin King, and the Labyrinth Poster T-shirt is a very popular choice, and the perfect way to celebrate the film. 

David Bowie Men's Aladdin Sane Distressed T-Shirt Medium Heather GreyDavid Bowie Women's Aladdin Sane Distressed T-Shirt Medium Heather Grey


Aladdin Sane T-shirt

Bowie's sixth studio album was released in 1973, and featured an iconic sleeve on which Bowie wears a lightning bolt across his face and heavy make-up. Bowie described the album as "Ziggy Goes to America". 
I've picked out my two favourite designs above from Amazon, but I can also recommened visiting ebay, where there is a huge choice of tees available.
Black Star Bowie T-shirt

Black Star T-shirt

Why not celebrate Bowie's final studio album with a tribute T-shirt? The haunting and critically acclaimed album was one of Bowie's finest works, and, quite possibly, his most extreme. The Black Star T-shirt is still a popular choice, and there are oodles of suppliers on Amazon and ebay.

Unique David Bowie T-shirts

Finally, I would like to show you some very unique designs which I found on Etsy, which are ideal for those of you looking for something a little different...

Bowie Aladdin Frame T-shirt for Women, S to XXLBowie Aladdin Frame T-shirt for Women, S to XXLBowie Nasa Logo T-shirt for Men or WomenBowie Nasa Logo T-shirt for Men or WomenBowie Stars 70s T-shirt for Men, S to 2XLBowie Stars 70s T-shirt for Men, S to 2XLDavid Bowie Rebel Pattern T-shirtDavid Bowie Rebel Pattern T-shirt


Sara's FAvourite David Bowie T-shirt

This tee is our fashion editor's favourite, and I think she's made a great choice, and this is available at PrettyLittleThing.

David Bowie Life on Mars T-shirt for Wom,en


More Eye-Catching Designs...

Official David Bowie T-shirt

Life On Mars T-shirt

Bowie Life on Mars T-shirt
Well, how cool is this? Bowie gave us another iconic look in the video to his 1973 single, and it sits perfectly on this white Life on Mars T-shirt, which is also a fair trade product. Sizes from X-small to 5XL are available.